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Edward the Man-Eating Train: Beginner Tips and Tricks on Surviving and Navigating Stations

Beware the train that eats men.

With the release of Choo-Choo Charles comes the Roblox adaptation, Edward the Man-Eating Train. typically, Roblox knock-offs from popular games are uninspired and outright bad most of the time. However, Fridge Pig Studios have managed to make an enjoyable Roblox game with an original twist off the source material. And just because it’s Roblox, doesn’t mean it’s easy. Her is your ultimate guide on surviving and navigating Edward the Ma-Eating Train.

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Navigating the stations in Edward the Man-Eating Train

In Edward the Man-Eating Train, you’ll be doing two things: waiting at a station or travelling to a station. Each station has their own unique vendors, either selling railcars or guns or titles as well as a bonus chest you can grab for a random reward.

There is a lot you can do at a station whilst waiting for your train to arrive. Buying, talking to the local people, grabbing the bonus chest, and (if your station has one) partake in a carnival game. You may not get time to do everything before the train departs to another station.

In each station will be a map. This map will show you how each station connects to one another, which station you are at, and the difficulty of routes as well as what each station provides. In some stations, you’ll even get to vote to decide which station you’ll be traveling to.

map in Edward the Man-Eating Train
Image via Fridge Pig Studios

So you mostly won’t get a say in which station you travel to and therefore the difficulty of your next encounter with Edward. But you will be able to equip your guns and your railcar before setting off. Make the best use of your time at a station as you can.

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Surviving the Man-Eating Train

When the train departs, all players at the station will be allocated to their railcar and the train will set off. You be shown which station you’re going to and the difficulty of the route. The higher the difficulty, the more weapons and health Edward the Man-Eating Train will have.

Time for the real gameplay. You will have to survive around 5 minutes with Edward. If you die, you’ll respawn at a station. If you survive, loads of tickets will be yours depending on the difficulty and your performance.

Oh yeah, and please be careful not to fall off the train. It’s not the most glamorous of deaths.

Search those crates

At the beginning of the round, scour the train for ticket boxes. You won’t really get a chance to loot those boxes again and you may find a decent prize waiting for you.

Edward the Man-Eating Train running away
Image via Fridge Pig Studios

You can try to loot ammo and medical crates when you are at the maximum of each supply, however you won’t gain anything and the crate won’t disappear, so don’t waste your time trying. Also, you and the other players will be looting from the same crates, however yours won’t disappear if another player loots them. Crates will only disappear if you loot them, so don’t worry about the others.

There are plenty of ammo crates on the train, so don’t let ammo conservation get you killed.

Play to your weapon’s strengths

Each weapon is only effective in a certain range, with a maximum and minimum damage. Make sure to equip a long-range weapon and a short-range weapon, to cover you either way. The best tactic for dealing with Edward is to keep away and shoot, naturally, but if he ever storms over to you, you’ll be able to fight back.

edward the man-eating train
Image via Fridge Pig Studios

Depending on the difficulty, Edward will have access to different weapons, from his pincers to his flamethrower to his rocket launcher. Each of those weapons can be broken as you shoot them, and your weapon’s critical hit modifier will multiply the damage of your weapon when hitting those areas. If you want to really do some damage, try to shoot off one of the train’s weapons. It could prove vital in saving your life.

Don’t forget to heal

Edward will run away when enough damage is dealt. During this time, heal yourself and loot medical crates. You won’t be able to kill the train, so don’t overextend yourself trying. Just focus on staying alive. If your health levels drop, keep running away and healing until Edward gets distracted with other players. If you die, no matter if your team makes it, you’ll lose out on tickets and you’ll spawn at another station.

Edward can also heal. When his health levels are critical, he will dash away and heal up. This will take him some time, however, so he won’t be back too soon.

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