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Dragon Trail: Hunter World Codes (January 2023)

All the free codes for your Dragon Tail needs!
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In the fantasy world of Star Island, the secrets behind the Loya Book tell a prophecy describing the island’s demise. A mysterious dragon may have some answers. Your mission is to seek the dragon and the truth in Dragon Trail: Hunter World. Embark on an enchanting journey as you build a team, fight bosses, collect cute pets, and more!

As a young warrior, you’ll need some help gathering items during your travels. Luckily, the developers give out codes! These codes are sure to make your life easier by providing Gold Diamonds, Juicy Berries, Sapphire, and many other goodies.

All Dragon Trail: Hunter World Codes

Dragon Trail: Hunter World Codes (Active)

Feast your eyes these working codes for Dragon Trail:

  • BFA: Unlocks: 5x Basic Spirit Springs
  • DTAG2022: Unlocks: 50k Silver and 10x Ride Ascension Jade
  • DTT22: Unlocks: 5x Juicy Berries and 5x Luna Deity Fruit
  • DT100M: Unlocks: 100,000,000x Gold Diamonds
  • DT2022: Unlocks: 50k Starfish, 3x Basic Enhancement Materials, 3x Juicy Berries, and 5x Pet Summon Tickets
  • DT7777: Unlocks: 50k Starfish, 3x Basic Enhancement Materials, 3x Juicy Berries, and 5x Pet Summon Tickets
  • GORKEM: Unlocks: 5x Edifying Leaves and 5x Roses
  • HUGOLA: Unlocks: 50x Sapphires, 5x Juicy Berries, and 5x Basic Enhancement Materials
  • Hunter: Unlocks: 50x Sapphires, 50k Silver, and 5x Edifying Leaves
  • Hunter0: Unlocks: 150k Silver
  • Hunter1e: Unlocks: 100,000,000 Gold Diamond
  • Hunter200: Unlocks: 50x Sapphires, 10x Basic Wings Essence, and 10x Basic Enhancement Materials
  • knight777: Unlocks: 1x Wildfire Dragon Pet and 1x Power Buff
  • KURONO: Unlocks: 50x Sapphires, 5x Basic Enhancement Materials, and 5x Basic Wings Essence
  • KYO: Unlocks: 15x Basic Wings Essence
  • LEN: Unlocks: 6x Treasure Maps
  • NewYear2023: Unlocks: 100x Sapphires, 3x Pet Summon Tickets, 5x Juicy Berries, and Edifying Leaves
  • RAYTON: Unlocks: 15x Basic Enhancement Materials
  • WORLDCUP: Unlocks: 50x Sapphires, 10k Silver, and 3x Treasure Map

Dragon Trail: Hunter World Codes (Expired)

  • Xmas777: Unlocks: free rewards
  • thankshunter: Unlocks: free rewards
  • worldcup2022: Unlocks: free rewards
  • HunterGo: Unlocks: free rewards
  • DTHalloween: Unlocks: free rewards
  • hunterDT2022: Unlocks: free rewards
  • football777: Unlocks: free rewards
  • DT2222: Unlocks: free rewards
  • DT666: Unlocks: free rewards
  • Xmas2022: Unlocks: free rewards
  • DT888: Unlocks: free rewards
  • DTdiscord: Unlocks: free rewards
  • huntbest: Unlocks: free rewards
  • wellcomeDT: Unlocks: free rewards

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How to Redeem Codes in Dragon Trail: Hunter World

Screenshot via Allclash

Redeeming codes is pretty easy in Dragon Trail. All you have to do is:

  1. Launch Dragon Trail: Hunter World on your device.
  2. Select ‘Profile‘ in the top left corner of the screen where your profile icon is.
  3. Click on ‘Activation Code.’
  4. Copy and paste a code into the empty text box.
  5. Click on ‘Claim Pack.’
  6. Exit the ‘Settings Menu.’
  7. Go to the ‘Friends menu‘ at the bottom left of the screen.
  8. Go into your Mailbox to claim the rewards.

Note: You cannot claim rewards until you’ve completed the tutorial.

Why Aren’t my Dragon Trail: Hunter World Codes Working?

The reason for this is usually simple. Maybe you typed the code incorrectly. Double check your spelling and make sure every letter has the correct casing. If you’re still having trouble, that means the code is expired. In that case, you’ll have to use another code to redeem other rewards.

Is There Another Way I Can Get Free Rewards in Dragon Trail: Hunter World?

Of course, there is! The developers were nice enough to provide free gifts on their website. Upon redemption, you’ll get 4 Pet Summon Tickets, 5 Juicy Berries, 5 Edifying Leaves, and 5 Basic Enhancements. You just have to sign up using Facebook or Google, and select ‘Get Gifts’ next to the game you want to redeem codes for. After that, you’ll receive a personal code.

Be sure to follow the developer’s Facebook and Twitter pages as well for updates on codes!

What is Dragon Trail: Hunter World?

Dragon Trail is an RPG set in a fantasy world where you’re on a quest to understand the prophecy of Star Island and find your father, who has gone missing. Pick one of six distinct classes, grow more powerful by completing quests and defeating enemies, befriend adorable companions, and form a strong team to battle against evil doers. It’s up to you to master your strength and abilities to complete your primary mission. The fate of Star Island rests in your hands.

We hope you enjoyed this code guide for Dragon Trail: Hunter World. If you’re into mobile games and dragons, you might be interested in Dragonscapes Codes (February 2023). Give us a follow on Facebook if you enjoy Gamer Journalists content as well.

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