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Summoners War Promo Codes for iOS and Android (October 2023)

Slay monsters, get rewards!
Summoners War Promo Codes for iOS and Android
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Last checked: October 2, 2023

We looked for additional codes today!

Summoners War is an action fantasy roleplaying game with millions of players. Players aim to assemble the strongest team of monsters to compete for victory in the Sky Arena. Like many mobile games, the developers often release promo codes for their players. Summoners War codes generally reward users with free in-game items, currency, and other goods to help them out. Here’s the complete list of Summoners War promo codes for iOS and Android devices.

Summoners War Promo Codes

Currently Working Summoners War Codes

  • tousdevantswc — Unlocks: 100k Mana and 1 Mystic Scroll (New)
  • seauinapaccup23 — Unlocks: 100 Energy and 1 Mystic Scroll (New)
  • 2023letsseaswc — Unlocks: 100 Energy, 1 Rune, and 1 Mystic Scroll (New)
  • last1forgroupd — Unlocks: 100 Energy and 1 Mystic Scroll (New)
  • lafranceestla23 — Unlocks: 100 Energy, 1 Rune, and 1 Mystic Scroll (New)
  • 23itstime4sea — Unlocks: 100 Energy and 1 Mystic Scroll (New)
  • SW2023SEL3S — Unlocks: Scrolls and Energy (New)
  • SW2023AUH4R — Unlocks: Scrolls and Energy (New)
  • SW2023JLJ9E — Unlocks: Scrolls and Energy (New)
  • 2023UPDATE7F1W — Unlocks: Scrolls and Energy
  • SW23RELOADED — Unlocks: Scrolls and Energy
  • THX2SUMMONERS2X9L — Unlocks: Scrolls and Energy
  • SUMMONERSLEGEND4E5P — Unlocks: Scrolls and Energy
  • SW2023MYS8O — Unlocks: 50 Scrolls and 100 Energy
  • 9OATSUMMONER — Unlocks: 5 Mystic Scrolls
  • SW2023APJ3M — Unlocks: Scrolls and Energy
  • SW2023MRP4M — Unlocks: Mystic Scroll and 50 Energy
  • SW2023FEV2U — Unlocks: 100k Gems and a Mystic Scroll
  • sw2023jae6s — Unlocks: 100 Energy and a Mystic Scroll

Expired Codes for Summoners War

  • sw2022sep90 – Water Scroll x1
  • sweetcookie – Mystical Scroll x3
  • swcookie – Energy x100 and Mana x100000
  • cookietemeraire – Mystical Scroll x1
  • womenyaoguanjun – Energy x100, Crystal x100, and Mystical Scroll x5
  • jingcaidebisai – Mystical Scroll x3
  • zuiqiangsaiqu – Mystical Scroll x2
  • arenamaster22 – Mystical Scroll x2
  • cuinbangkok – Energy x100 and Mystical Scroll x1
  • oct22swcapac – Mana x100000 and Mystical Scroll x1
  • 2022enfeu — Free Rewards
  • allezswcallez — Free Rewards (NEW)
  • mangwanbuswc — Free Rewards (NEW)
  • kingwcgodwc — Free Rewards (NEW)
  • sw2022aug72 — Free Rewards (NEW)
  • summonsummer — Free Rewards (NEW)
  • daphniswings5 — Free Rewards (NEW)
  • sw2022jul14 – Mystical Scroll x1 (Expires July 31, 2022)
  • SW2022JUNE29 – 50 Summoning Stones
  • THANKYOU: x5 Mystical Scroll
  • SW8THBIRTHDAY: 200000 Mana and five Mystical scrolls
  • SW2022MAY53: 50 Summoning Stones
  • SW2022APR18: Wind Scroll
  • SW2022MAR31: Water Scroll
  • SW2022FEB65: Fire Scroll
  • SW2022JAN97: Mystic Scroll
  • SWXMOMSTOUCH: Mystic Scroll
  • SWCHRISTMAS: Mystic Scrolls x2
  • SW2021DEC23: Elemental Scrolls x3 (Wind, Fire, Water)
  • HAPPYNEWLT20: 100 Energy, Each Attribute Scroll x1
  • MERRYLT19: Mystic Scroll, Mana
  • PERFECTPICKANYONE: Mystical Scrolls x5
  • ROCKWITHSWC2021: Energy x200, Crystals x200, Mana x200000
  • SW2021NOV12: Summoning Stone x50
  • SW2021OCT01: Wind Scroll x1
  • swplay2gether: Mystical Scroll x3
  • 2021SEP93: Water Scroll x1
  • apacnextrd4war: Crystal x100, Fire Scroll x1
  • 20challengethewrld21: Energy x150, Fire Scroll x1
  • whosnext21americas: Mana x300000, Fire Scroll x1
  • SW2021AUG82: Fire Scroll x1
  • apacha1002: Mana x100000, Mystical Scroll x1
  • mezaseno1: Energy x50, Mystical Scroll x1
  • swc21ausommet: Mana x100000, Mystical Scroll x1
  • 20euvorrunde21: Energy x100, Summoning Stone x50
  • swc21tanoshimi: Mana x100000, Summoning Stone x50
  • atsuiswc21: Energy x100, Summoning Stone x50
  • eumatchsswc21: Mystical Scroll x2
  • swcunserejungs: Mana x100000, Energy x100
  • swczanzan2021: Energy x100, Summoning Stone x50
  • 2021lihoswc: Mana x100000, Summoning Stone x50
  • sweu21hyyype: Summoning Stone x50
  • auflosgehtslos: Energy x100, Mystical Scroll x1
  • gayauswc2021: Mystical Scroll x1
  • swc2021kaizhan: Mana x100000, Mystical Scroll x1
  • womenshiguanjun: Crystal x50, Mystical Scroll x1
  • 21jiayouswcjiayou: Mana x100000, Mystical Scroll x1
  • shanlvniuniu: Energy x100, Mystical Scroll x1
  • runthegauntlet: Mystical Scroll x1
  • seeuonsept12th: Energy x100, Summoning Stone x50
  • SW2021JUL71: Mystical Scroll x1
  • summon2getherswc: Summoning Stone x100
  • groupb2021hello: Energy x100, Mana x100000
  • 1msandaswdream: Energy x100, Mystical Scroll x1
  • 4inand4more2go: Energy x50, Summoning Stone x50
  • frenchfinal2021: Energy x50, Mana x100000
  • gaksoparty: Summoning Stone x100
  • sumyaho2021: Energy x100, Mana x100000
  • seeuagaintmw: Mystical Scroll x 2
  • welcome2swc21: Energy x100, Mana x100000
  • eoseowaswc: Energy x100, Mana x100000
  • swcyeoljeong: Mystic Scroll x2
  • SW2021JUN69: 1x Mystical Scroll

Codes release periodically as part of various promotions or randomly whenever the developers want to reward their players. There is usually a short expiration period on each code, which means you should try and use it as soon as possible to take advantage of the freebies. Generally, codes will reward users with in-game items like Wind Scrolls.

Summoners War Codes FAQ

What are Summoners War codes for?

Summoners War codes provide you with all the goodies and extras that you want. The codes can be redeemed for Mystical Scrolls, Mana, and Summon Stones. But you best act fast because the codes expire after a certain amount of time. Not to worry though because we will continue to update this page with the latest codes available.

How to redeem Summoners War promo codes

To redeem promo codes, follow the steps below for iOS or Android, depending on your mobile device.

How to redeem Summoners War promo codes on Android

  • Launch Summoners War
  • Tap on the Event button, which has a pink gift box icon
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page
  • Tap on the button that says, “Enter your promo code here!”
  • Enter your promo code in the box
  • Tap on the red “Enter” button.

How to redeem Summoners War promo codes on iOS

Redeeming codes on iOS is a bit different than on Android. On iOS, you will need to click a direct link to claim a promo code. You can tap any of the links found above from your iOS mobile device to receive the corresponding reward.

Summoners War is a mobile game developed by Com2uS, available on both iOS and Android devices.

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