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Best Wastelander M5 God Rolls in Destiny 2

The best Wastelander M5 rolls for both PvP and PvE
Best Wastelander M5 God Rolls in Destiny 2

Praise the Traveller! We’ve finally got a new Tex Mechanica weapon in Destiny 2. If that doesn’t excite you, then you’re probably not going to enjoy this gun. If you’re like me and long for a more space western feel in your Destiny, then you’re in for a good time. 

In terms of pure meta usability, the Wastelander M5 god rolls aren’t all that. It’s not going to top the Trials charts anytime soon. It’s a hell of a lot of fun, though, which is far more important in my humble opinion. 

So if you’re looking for a Wastelander M5 god roll for PvP or PvE in Destiny 2, I’ve got you covered. 

How to Get the Wastelander M5 in Destiny 2

Getting your hands on a Wastelander M5 in Destiny 2 isn’t too difficult. It’s not readily farmable from GoA like the Eyasluna is, but it’s not as hard to get as the world loot-pool weapons. 

The Wastelander M5 drops from the Bungie 30th Anniversary-related activity Dares of Eternity, as well as from Xur’s Treasure Chest. It’s not a guaranteed drop, but given that you only need one Treasure Key per roll, you shouldn’t have too much trouble collecting a bunch of them.

Just hop into Dares and grind it out until you max out your Treasure Keys. Between the Chest and the ones you get from DoE, you should have plenty of Wastelander M5s to go through.  

Wastelander M5 God Rolls in Destiny 2

Wastelander M5 PvE God Rolls


  • Smoothbore. 
  • Accurized Rounds. 
  • Subsistence. 
  • Killing Wind.
Destiny 2 Wastelander M5 PvE God Rolls Run and Gun

I’m in the vast minority of PvE players when it comes to shotguns because I actually really like them. I still use them to this day, despite fusion rifles being so clearly superior. 

It’s that bias that makes me really like the Wastelander M5. I find the process of bouncing around an area, one-shotting every enemy in sight, very tranquil and relaxing. This particular Wastelander M5 PvE god roll is designed to make that as easy as possible. 

As a shotgun, Range is important. Obviously. So Smoothbore and Accurized Rounds are going to be my staple perk one and two choices for PvE, given that Spread doesn’t matter too much. In the third column, I’m opting for Subsistence over something more conventional like Slideshot. 

You could substitute Subsistence out for something else if you plan on using your Wastelander for Major and Boss enemies, but for regular ads, it’s an S-Tier perk. With it, you will literally never have to reload, provided you’re hitting your shots. 

Killing Wind synergizes with that beautifully. The idea is that you’re constantly moving and one-shotting enemies, so keeping that Range, Mobility, and Handling buff active is incredibly easy, especially since we don’t have to reload. 

I’ll admit that a One-Two Punch roll for the Wastelander is going to be a more popular PvE choice, but that perk requires you to build around it. Killing Wind doesn’t, which is why I prefer it. 

Wastelander M5 PvP God Rolls

Dollar-Store Felwinter’s

  • Full Choke.
  • Accurized Rounds. 
  • Slideshot. 
  • Opening Shot. 
Destiny 2 Wastelander M5 PvE God Rolls Dollar Store Felwinter's

One look at that perk combination should tell you everything you need to know about this Wastelander M5 PvP God Roll. It’s literally the Felwinter’s Lie curated roll, down to the barrel and ammo perks (I’ve swapped out Smoothbore for a tighter projectile spread in Full Choke).

I mean, it’s a shotgun with Slideshot and Opening Shot. If you’ve played a single game of crucible in the last year then you’ve seen, and been killed by, this exact combination of perks several times. 

Compared to the aforementioned Felwinter’s Lie, the M5 falls short, even though both have the same god roll. You’re not going to be winning duels against competent shotgun players using Felwinter’s simply because it outclasses the Wastelander in the one-shot-kill range department. 

So, if you’re looking for maximum results with minimum effort, just go get yourself a Felwinter’s Lie from the exotic kiosk. If you’re feeling spicy and want to try something new, though, this is the Wastelander M5 PvP god roll you should be looking for. 

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