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Destiny 2 The Pigeon Provides Quest Guide

A full guide on how to complete The Pigeon Provides in Destiny 2
How to Complete The Pigeon Provides in Destiny 2

Destiny 2’s 2021 Dawning event comes with two brand new quests. Each one is dedicated to bringing some festive cheer to our new allies – the Cabal and the Fallen. 

The Pigeon Provides is dealing with the latter. We’re going to be running around Europa, fighting off hordes of Vex monstrosities, and diving into the dangerous depths of Lost Sectors in order to… bake some pastries. 

In all seriousness, The Pigeon Provides and its sister quest Rite of Dawning are a lot of fun and well worth the time it takes to complete them. 

They’re not worth too much time, though, which is why I’ve put together a comprehensive Destiny 2 The Pigeon Provides quest guide. So, relax, make some hot cocoa, and have some fun.

How to Complete The Pigeon Provides in Destiny 2 

  1. Complete “The Lost Splicer”
  2. Speak with Saint-14
  3. Track Down the Eliksni Recipe
  4. Track Down the Ingredients for Swaddled Etherdips
  5. Collect Enough Dawning Spirit to Purchase Kelldough from the Spider
  6. Track Down More Ingredients for Swaddled Etherdips
  7. Speak with Saint-14
  8. Hand Out the Swaddled Etherdips in the Eliksni Quarter
  9. Speak with Saint-14
  10. Speak with Eva Levante

Complete “The Lost Splicer”

To start this quest, you’re going to have to complete “The Lost Splicer.” This was the introductory quest for Season 14 – Season of the Splicer. Don’t worry if you don’t own that Season Pass, though, you should still be able to complete The Pigeon Provides. 

If you’ve already completed that quest, you’ll automatically be moved to step 2 and prompted to speak with Saint-14.

Speak with Saint-14

Head over to Saint-14 for a festive chat. He’ll tell you that he feels bad and wants to bring the Eliksni into the Tower’s Dawning tradition. It’s all very wholesome. 

After that, he’ll send you off to Europa to track down an Eliksni recipe and charge you with gathering the ingredients to complete it.

Track Down the Eliksni Recipe

How to Complete The Pigeon Provides in Destiny 2  - Track Down the Eliksni Recipe

The Eliksni Recipe is located fairly close to the fast-travel point in the Eventide Ruins on Europa. 

Track the quest in your director and follow the on-screen indicator when you spawn in. When you find the recipe, hold down your interact button and you’ll automatically complete this step of The Pigeon Provides. 

Track Down the Ingredients for Swaddled Etherdips

This is where the meat of The Pigeon Provides quest lies. For this step, you’re going to need to collect:

  • 3 Pure Ether Extract
  • 10 Harpy Eggs
  • 5 Glacial Starwort. 

Pure Ether Extract is obtained from the chests at the end of Lost Sectors. They can be regular Sectors so this shouldn’t take too long. 

It’s worth pointing out that while I was farming for these, my Lost Sectors weren’t resetting, meaning I had to load back into the area in order to repeat them. Keep in mind that you might run into the same problem. 

The 10 Harpy Eggs are obtained from, well, Vex Harpies. The drop chance for these seems to be roughly 50%, so you’ll have to kill around 20 Harpies to get all 10 eggs. There are plenty of Harpies over in Asterion Abyss, so this also shouldn’t take more than a few minutes.

Just like the other two ingredients, you can collect Glacial Starwort on Europa. I have a guide here on exactly how to do that if you’re unsure about it.

Collect Enough Dawning Spirit to Purchase Kelldough from the Spider

This quest step was easily the longest of the bunch. You earn Dawning Spirit painstakingly slowly at the start of the Dawning. It took me around four Vanguard strikes to get all 15, and I already had a handful before I started. 

If you don’t want to spend hours doing this, I cannot stress enough how important it is that you buy last year’s Dawning ship and its upgrade package.

You can buy both from Eva Levante for 200 Legendary Shards and a handful of Glimmer. While you have the ship equipped, you’re given a perk that will drop Dawning Spirit every so often when you obtain an Oven Ingredient. Don’t underestimate how important this is. It’s the difference between earning one Dawning Spirit per strike and earning four or five.  

Once you have all 15, go and have a chat with Spider on the Tangled Shore to buy the Kellsdough. 

Track Down More Ingredients for Swaddled Etherdips

This isn’t as bad as it might seem. All you have to do is harvest five Etheric Spiral clusters from around the tangled shore. Follow the tips I laid out in my Glacial Starwort guide and you’ll be done this step in minutes.

Speak with Saint-14

That’s more or less all there is to it. Once you’ve finished up gathering your ingredients, you’ve just got a bit of busybodying to do. 

Head back to Saint-14 in the Tower. The two of you are going to bake the Eliksni treats together. You’ll be treated to a hilarious bit of text here, so make sure you read it. Or else.

Hand Out the Swaddled Etherdips in the Eliksni Quarter

Once you’ve finished up with Saint, you need to head to the Eliksni Quarter in the H.E.L.M. 

In the Quarter, go and interact with 10 different Fallen NPCs. It can be any 10, so don’t be picky. You’re essentially acting as a sort of Fallen Santa Claus and giving out all of the treats that you spent the last hour making. 

Speak with Saint-14

Yep, back to Saint-14 you go. He’ll point you in the direction of Eva Levante, so I hope you’re still feeling talkative.

Speak with Eva Levante

How to Complete The Pigeon Provides in Destiny 2 - Speak with Eva Levante

Eva is the last person you’ll have to talk to. Just interact with here and accept your reward which just so happens to be the sweet new Stasis sword. You’ll be given some seriously wholesome text here, too, so for the love of everything please read it. 

In all seriousness, this entire quest is incredibly well written. It’s full of warm and cheerful festivity, so try to enjoy it rather than just mashing and stomping your way through it. I get that you want the Zephyr sword, but you’ll be missing out if you speedrun it.

Now you know how to complete The Pigeon Provides in Destiny 2 in ten steps.

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