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Dead Cells The Queen and the Sea Weapons and How to Unlock Them

Dead Cells The Queen and the Sea Weapons and How to Unlock Them

One of the main appeals of Dead Cells, as well as any roguelite game, really, is the sheer number of weapons you can obtain and utilize. Vanilla Dead Cells has around 50 different weapon types on tap, and those 50 types splinter out into untold variations thanks to the game’s quality and effects systems. But even with the metric whoa-ton of weapons already in the game, I certainly won’t say no to some additional weapons brought about by DLC. Here are all of the new weapons in Dead Cells: The Queen and the Sea and how to unlock them.

The Queen and the Sea introduces nine new weapons to the Dead Cells arsenal, each just as malleable and randomized as the vanilla stuff. You’ll need to find the blueprints for these weapons and unlock them with Cells to make them start appearing in subsequent runs; some of these blueprints are found in particular locations, while most are dropped by particular enemies.

Dead Cells The Queen and the Sea Weapons and How to Unlock Them

The new weapons in The Queen and the Sea are:


  • Found in Lore room of Stilt Village, no Blueprint required
    • Find the Fisherman’s Letter in the Prisoner’s Quarters, then take it to the Fisherman in the Toxic Sewers. He’ll direct you to the Lore room in Stilt Village, where you’ll have to defeat an Elite Armored Shrimp.
    • Fair warning, finding the Leghugger will immediately place it in one of your slots, replacing anything that’s already in there.
  • Surprisingly cute, for a one-eyed parasite.
  • Summons a friendly Leghugger that will attack nearby enemies on the ground, dealing critical hits to any bleeding enemies.
  • Can be activated to inflict Bleed on enemies around it.
  • When it attacks 100 times, the Leghugger will evolve into a larger and stronger form.

Scavenged Bombard

  • Blueprint dropped by Pirate Captain enemies in Stilt Village
  • For when you need a lot of destruction, but don’t need it very fast.
  • Deploys a cannon that shoots large cannonballs. Has a low firing rate and short range, but the blasts deal splash damage and stun for 0.5 seconds.
  • Your other attacks will deal increased damage while you’re standing near it.

Killing Deck

  • Blueprint dropped by Armored Shrimp enemies in Infested Shipwreck
  • Cards as weapons? What are you, Gambit?
  • Throws sharp cards in various randomized patterns three times. 
  • The fourth throw calls all of the cards back, dealing critical damage to any enemies in their return path.

Abyssal Trident

  • Found in locked Lore room in Infested Shipwreck, no Blueprint required
    • Random enemies around the area will drop four map pieces, which lead to an X-marked area when combined that contains the Forked Key. The Forked Key unlocks the storeroom, where the Trident is unlocked.
  • Charge first, ask questions later.
  • First swing is a normal attack, second swing is a rushing attack that hits up to 20 times. The first five hits deal normal damage, while the remaining hits deal critical damage. You can interrupt the rush with a third attack that stops you and also deals critical damage.
  • Speed boosts make the rush faster, though its damage does not interrupt enemy attacks

Hand Hook

  • Blueprint dropped by Armored Shrimps in Infested Shipwreck
  • Would it be cliche to say “arr?”
  • Performs a 3-hit attack combo. The last hit of the combo will drag an enemy behind you and cause them to knock back any enemies they hit. If the dragged enemy hits a wall, they’ll take critical damage.

Maw of the Deep

  • Blueprint dropped by Mutineers in Infested Shipwreck
  • It’s an entire shark held like a broadsword. ‘Nuff said.
  • Performs a 3-hit combo attack, with the third hit throwing the shark for a ranged attack. Any enemies hit by the shark are rooted in place and inflicted with Bleed for 4 seconds.

Gilded Yumi

  • Blueprint dropped by the Servant Euterpe. Note that only the Servant you kill last in a run will drop their respective weapon Blueprint.
  • Can you imagine the kind of shoulder strength you would need to pull this thing back?
  • A bow that fires off a single large arrow that drags away any enemy it hits. If the arrow hits a wall, the enemy will take critical damage, and if the arrow hits another enemy, both enemies will receive halved critical damage.

Wrecking Ball

  • Blueprint dropped by the Servant Calliope.
  • Let physics do your fighting for you!
  • Performs an extremely slow, yet devastatingly powerful 4-hit combo. The first swing hits directly in front of you, the second swing hits both in front and behind you, the third swing will throw the ball a medium distance in front of you, and the fourth swing will recall the ball, dealing critical damage to any enemy it hits on its way back.

Bladed Tonfas

  • Blueprint dropped by the Servant Kleio.
  • They do say the elbow is the deadliest part of the human body…
  • Performs a 3-hit combo in front of you, the damage of which scales up based on your current speed stat. 

Queen’s Rapier

  • Blueprint dropped by The Queen, the new final boss added in the DLC, the first time you defeat her. You’ll get it during the credits.
  • It’s literally so sharp, it slices through space like a hot knife through butter.
  • Every swing leaves a small tear in reality, dealing immediate critical follow-up damage to any enemies you strike. 

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