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Dark Souls 3 Weapon Tier List: Best Weapons Ranked

Speed or brute strength, what is your pick?

2016 saw the release of the third installment within the Dark Souls trilogy. This fantastic game brought back the hardcore fans of the first two Dark Souls games. Also introducing many new audiences to its challenging setting. Unlike Elden Ring, which rightly deserved its 2022 Game of the Year title. Dark Souls 3 is a tougher challenge to complete. For those deciding to play Dark Souls 3 after completing Elden Ring, you are in for an unforgivable but incredibly exciting ride inside the Kingdom of Lothric. This is our ranking of the best weapons to use in Dark Souls 3, alongside a weapon tier list. So if you are just getting started or looking for the best weapon in the game, we have you covered.

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Ranking the Best Weapons in Dark Souls 3

Honorable Mentions

The honorable mentions for the top 10 best weapons in the game are:

  • Lothric Knight Greatsword
  • Dragonslayer Greataxe
  • Claymore
  • Fume Ultra Greatsword
  • Astora Greatsword
  • Ringed Knight Paired Greatswords

These are put as honorable mentions as weapons you should try to see if they fit for your playstyle. As the majority are power-packed but slow Greatswords which also require a Strength/Dex build. We recommend for all getting started on this game to begin with the Claymore. Get used to its moveset. If the fast-paced action is for you over Greatswords, move onto the best in the game as listed below.

Top 10 Dark Souls 3 Weapons (S Tier)

10. Moonlight Greatsword

This Greatsword appears throughout the Souls franchise, being one of the most consistent weapons to use in the games. What separates this Greatsword from others is the use of magic infused with it. Meaning that those focusing on making a Faith Build should definitely try this weapon out. It offers players the opportunity to use a high damage, easy to use, heavy weapon. Without having to put Souls into Dexterity. Whilst it may appear slow in use, its weapon art means that you can use more long-ranged attacks. Making you an all-round warrior on the field. This Greatsword has significant magic damage that should definitely be utilized if you are looking for a strong Faith Build.

9. Crucifix of the Mad King

The Mad King Crucifix has massive Dark damage output, unlike anything previously seen in Dark Souls. For those wanting a Faith build, this weapon is the one for you. Players must use the Dark Blade Spell to buff the damage output of the Crucifix further. This is what completes this weapon. Putting it on the top 10 list of best weapons in Dark Souls 3. The weapon art is highly unique due to its varying outcomes upon use. However, these combos will devastate enemies when successfully used. Giving you an opening to get in critical strike. Or to close the gap between yourself and the opponent to get in more devastating hits.

8. Frieda’s Great Scythe

This Scythe is an excellent choice for those who want to use magic throughout their playthrough. Many may not wish to go in with the Strength Builds to carry the heaviest Greatswords. Therefore weapons such as Frieda’s Great Scythe is one of the best options to use. It has high agility with devastating combos, its range in these moves are ridiculous. Easily stunning the opponent giving you more than enough time to line up another combo right after the first ends.

7. Sellsword Twinblades

This dual welding weapon has a very high damage output, which can destroy phantoms with a single combo. The Sellsword Twinblades are incredibly fast and perfect for those with a Strength build. If you do not want to use a Greatsword. Or want to be an assassin on the field, this is the weapon to choose. Its weapon art can flawlessly seam into the standard attacks. Making this one of the best weapons to use in the game. As little to no time can be found within the gap between a standard attack followed by a combo. Its flaw comes from its smaller range. However due to its playstyle players should be getting up close and personally to any enemy when using this weapon. As this is where the Twinblades truly shine.

6. Frayed Blade

The Frayed Blade is a Katana with insane speed. The combos you can get off with this weapon is ridiculous, leaving not much room for the enemies to breath. So long as you hit first, this Katana will overwhelm enemies, with its great range due to its longer length. Closing in the gap between yourself and an enemy trying to get away will be easiest with the Frayed Blade. This weapon includes a ranged magic attack as its weapon art. Which, so long as you are targeting an enemy, will destroy their health bar in an instant. This move can also be used on multiple enemies at once should they swarm you in a small area. It is also great against Bosses, being a weapon that can be used both long and close range in fights. Making this a versatile sword which is easy to use and hard to beat.

5. Exile Greatsword

The Exile Greatsword is another high damage weapon which had to be nerfed due to its ridiculous damage output. Of course, 7 years later, this weapon is still a beast to use. With great range and moves more fluid than other Greatswords. The Exile will devastate multiple enemies around you with one combo. With its wider range, being that of a longer Greatsword than others on the list, the Exile can easily counter enemies. Should you successfully hit combos, the enemies defences will be left wide open. Giving you room to get in a critical finish. There is not much standard enemies that you will meet across your playthrough can do against this Greatsword. Blocking or rolling can easily be countered due to its wide reach and great power once the hit connects.

4. Gael’s Greatsword

Gael’s Greatsword is an intense weapon to use. Whilst its first move can be slow and requires absolute accuracy in successfully hitting the enemy, once achieved this weapon is unstoppable. With insane damage and great range. This Greatsword does so much damage that it will often take down enemies in as few as three hits. Its art style looks like you are one of the bosses yourself, with the ability to switch targets mid animation. This Greatsword requires you to master this weapon art. Otherwise, there is nothing that truly separates this user from using any other Greatsword in Dark Souls. Due to its harder requirements for players to master its craft, we are placing this Greatsword in fourth place.

3. Black Knight Sword

Placing this above the Gael’s Greatsword may be controversial but it is a decision I stand by. The reason this is placed higher is due to its easier requirements of mastering the Sword. It has great damage output. Is relatively easy to use compared to other heavy weaponry. With the best defensive move in the entire game. Its defence blocks pretty much every move and should be utilized to its fullest capabilities. Forget rolling away from the Bosses with this one. As using the Black Knight Sword allows for you to tank moves in the best way possible. It is a great move that requires perfect timing. To save yourself from a ton of damage. Allowing you to react incredibly quick with a counter attack.

2. Splitleaf Greatsword

The Splitleaf Greatsword is a fantastic weapon for hitting enemies at all angles. It saves players from getting stunned by multiple enemies or combos as its moves reach 360 degrees in one hit. This Greatsword has incredible range. Due to its longer structure with moves that spin fast, overwhelming enemies within close proximity of the blade. This weapon is great to use against all opposition, however its true greatness lies in fighting off invasions. It shines in PvP with great strength. So long that you get off your first move, the opponent will not be able to handle its combo. The weapon art is what makes this weapon due to its incredible range. With the ability to hit multiple enemies from all sides. No one is safe up against the Splitleaf Greatsword.

1. Lothric Knight Sword

I think most Dark Souls players will agree that the number one spot has to go to the Lothric Knight Sword. This Sword can be picked up incredibly early on in the game. It is the strongest Straight Sword you can acquire. Similarly to the Claymore, although the Lothric Sword is significantly better. These Straight Swords are perfect for players easing into the Dark Souls setting. It is the perfect sword to start off with, grind and master. With agility, low stamina usage and incredibly fast combos. Meaning you can keep hitting enemies around you and still have time to roll out of the way from attacks. Using the Lothric Knight Sword means you do not need to put many Souls in the Stamina category. As this Straight Sword does not require much stamina to continuously use.

The Lothric Knight Sword is so fast that it is incredibly easy to get off many combos. Stunning the enemy. Giving you time to get in a critical attack from behind. With high critical damage and a longer reach than other Straight Swords. It is the obvious choice if you are looking for something fast and overwhelming against enemies. For those who do not want pure power in replace for agility, the Lothric Knight Sword is the one to use throughout your Dark Souls playthrough.

Dark Souls 3 Weapon Tier List (2023)

A (Great)Murky Hand Scythe, Demon Scar, Corvian Greatknife, Long Sword, Pontiff Knight Curved Sword, Saint Bident, Wolf Knight’s Greatsword, Arbalest, Valorheart, Gotthard Twinswords, Dark Sword, Rotten Ghru Dagger, Anri’s Straight Sword, Aquamarine Dagger, Barbed Straight Sword, Sunlight Straight Sword, Millwood Battle Axe, Follower Sabre, Scimitar, Washing Pole, Ringed Knight Spear, Uchigatana, Hollowslayer Greatsword, Greatsword of Judgement, Harlad Curved Greatsword, Warpick, Heysel Pick, Glaive, Gundyr’s Halberd, Spiked Mace, Yhorm’s Great Machete, Estoc, Winged Knight Twinaxes, Crystal Sage’s Rapier, Heavy Crossbow, Great Corvian Scythe & Avelyn
B (Good)Irithyll Straight Sword, Tallbone Short Sword, Mail Breaker, Bandit’s Knife, Broadsword, Butcher Knife, Dragonslayer’s Axe, Brigand Axe, Carthus Shotel, Lothric War Banner, Greatlance, Dragonslayer Spear, Carthus Curved Sword, Rotten Ghru Curved Sword, Gargoyle Flame Spear, Dragonslayer Swordspear, Chaos Blade, Wolnir’s Holy Sword, Murakumo, Old Wolf Curved Sword, Ledo’s Great Hammer, Black Knight Glaive, Lucerne, Mace, Reinforced Club, Great Club, Great Machete, Great Sword, Ricard’s Rapier, Knight’s Crossbow, Composite Bow, Light Crossbow, Crow Quills, Onikiri & Ubadachi
C (Decent)Lothric’s Holy Sword, Harpe, Dagger, Morion Blade, Short Sword, Hand Axe, Battle Axe, Astora Straight Sword, Storm Curved Sword, Falchion, Partizan, Painting Guardian’s Curved Sword, Rotten Ghru Spear, Darkdrift, Black Blade, Twin Princes’ Greatsword, Drakeblood Greatsword, Flamberge, Bastard Sword, Red Hilted Halberd, Morning Star, Halberd, Club, Winged Knight Halberd, Quakestone Hammer, Great Mace, Quakestone Hammer, Vordt’s Great Hammer, Dragon Tooth, Smough’s Great Hammer, Demon’s Great Axe, Profanced Greatsword, Lorian’s Greatsword, Pontiff Knight Greatsword, Great Scythe, Farron Great Swood, Repeating Crossbow, Claw, Sniper Crossbow & Drang Twinspears
D (Below Average)Pike, Shotel, Handmaid’s Dagger, Parrying Dagger, Cleric’s Candlestick, Tallbone Spear, Winged Spear, Thrall Axe, Eleonara, Astor’s Spear, Crescent Moon Sword, Large Club, Bloodlust, Golden Ritual Spear, Immolation Tinder, Firelink Greatsword, Executioner’s Greatsword, Morne’s Great Hammer, Carthus Curved Greatsword, Demon’s Fist, Large Club, Great Wooden Hammer, Earth Seeker, Zweihander, Black Knight Greatsword, Irithyll Rapier, Caestus, Manikin Claws, Dragonrider Bow, Short Bow, White Birch Bow, Drang Hammer, Black Bow of Pharis, Warden Twinblades, Dancer’s Enchanted Swords
F (Do not Attempt)Spear, Broken Straight Sword, Follower Javelin, Yorshka’s Spear, Scholar’s Candlestick, Storm Ruler, Crescent Ace, Gargoyle Flame Hammer, Rose of Ariandel, Old King’s Great Hammer, Blacksmith Hammer, Rapier, Black Knight Great Axe, Cathedral Knight Greatsword, Great Axe, Dark Hand, Longbow, Crow Talons, Brigand Twindaggers, Darkmoon Longbow, Dragonslayer Great Bow, Onislayer Great Bow & Millwood Great Bow

We hope this tier list and ranking of the best weapons to use in Dark Souls 3 was useful. Feel free to refer to this if you are just getting started with the game or revisiting and need a little refresher. For more RPG content, take a look at our related articles: Whose Fate to Follow in Chained Echoes or Elden Ring Greatsword Tier List. Follow us on Facebook to stay up to date on all of our latest guides.

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