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How to Jump in Dark Souls 3

Just jump, man!

Dodge, sprint, get near, attack, dodge, sprint, attack, die, die, die, die, and die. Yes, I suck at souls games. But that doesn’t mean you should! I bet you didn’t know you could jump in Dark Souls 3. See! Well, I consider myself THE Jump Master. Yes, I know it’s pretty much a useless thing to do while fighting, but if you like exploring as much as I do, it surely will make things a lot easier, and fun! So please, indulge me while we learn how to jump in Dark Souls 3.

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How to Jump in Dark Souls 3

Jumping in Dark Souls 3 is a little bit counterintuitive. There is no sole button (what soul button? I’m not a comedian, sorry) that is mapped for jumping like, I don’t know, any other game. In fact, jumping is a multistep process that will depend on your momentum and speed. So here is how tu jump in Dark Souls 3, step by step.

  • Firstly, you need to be sprinting before jumping. Burn those calories by holding the “backstep” button (Square or B button depending on your platform).
  • Secondly, you will need to press L3 or the left thumbstick and voilà! You are jumping, man!

Now, I know this all seems silly, and believe me, I have tried to make it that way, but jumping can be beneficial sometimes. Certainly not in battle, but while exploring you could get to certain platforms that otherwise would take you to a longer in-game path. Some jumps can even be soul-saving, and get you to places and items that could cost you a lot (I’m looking at you, Estus Shard!). Anyway, I’m sure you will be able to find great places to jump. With time, you will be able to become a Jump Master like myself. Happy jumping!

Dark Souls 3 is available now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows. If you like our Dark Souls content, be sure to check out Top 8 Best Armor in Dark Souls 2 and How To Fix Dark Souls Remastered Controller Not Working for PC.

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