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Coral Island: Cherry Blossom Festival Explained

Let it bloom!

Coral Island has several Festivals, depending on the Season. Those seasonal events are a great chance for players to learn more about the people and the culture of Townies, play mini-games, and increase their bond with NPCs. The Festivals in Coral Island take place on a specific day, and they are optional. Therefore, you can easily miss them.

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What Do You Need to Know About Cherry Blossom Festival?

Like in real life, Cherry Blossom Festival in Coral Island begins in Spring. The game also starts in Spring, so the Cherry Blossom Festival is the first special event you will participate in the game.

How to Activate Cherry Blossom Festival Event?

You must play and advance the game until you reach the tenth day on the island to start the Cherry Blossom Festival event on Coral Island. You will receive an in-game notification on the day of the festival saying, “There’s a festival running today, consider checking it out.” Locate the area on your map where the majority of Townies gather. Most of the time that is the location of the festival.

Where Is Cherry Blossom Festival Located?

South of the Lake Temple, you will find Lake Side Park. There, in the park, you will find the spot where the Coral Island Cherry Blossom Festival event takes place. Once you locate Connor at the Cherry Blossom Festival location, there will be a Cherry Blossom Potluck directly behind him. Engage with it to initiate the activity. You can explore the area, take part in events like the Balap Karung, eat food, purchase festival-related merchandise, and do a lot of other interesting things.

How To End The Cherry Blossom Festival Event?

You can simply leave the area if you are starting to get bored and want to end the event early. The mayor, Connor, will ask you if you truly want to leave after you do that. Close his conversation and depart the scene to bring the Coral Island Cherry Blossom Festival to a close.

Coral Island Cherry Blossom Festival is one of the seasonal events in the game you can use to improve your social status and have some fun with the NPCs. For more related content, you can check out Coral Island Road Map: All Upcoming Features or How to Move Objects in Coral Island.

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