Two characters of the game cheering on the shore of the beach in Coral Island
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Coral Island Road Map: All Upcoming Features

Know what's coming.

Coral Island is a farm sim-game inspired by the tropical islands. Developed by Stairway Games, the game features a similar vibe to Stardrew Valley. The title features a laid-back experience of farming, roaming around animals and building relationships with other characters.

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The game is currently available for early access through Steam and Microsoft Game Pass. While players can experience the game and decide to buy it later, the developers have laid down an update roadmap for the title. We will list all the updates according to the roadmap in this guide.

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Coral Island Road Map: All Upcoming Features

A typical farm in Coral Island with a character in the middle.
Image via Stairway Games

The developers have a brilliant roadmap to give users a great experience with the game. The title will include new areas to explore, stories to experience, more things to do, and more customization options. Here is the entire roadmap for Coral Island.

Feedback Update

  • Early Access Feedback
  • Bug Fixes
  • Optimization
  • Quality of Life
  • Clothing batch 1

Spring Content Update

  • Tree planting festival
  • Bathing outfit for several NPC
  • ♥5 for all NPC
  • Wildlife Animals
  • Clothing batch 2
  • Decor batch 2

Summer Content Update

  • Combat feature beta
  • Pet festival
  • Summer outfit
  • Wind gate mining
  • ♥6 for all NPC Story quest part 2

Merfolk Content Update

  • Diving feature beta
  • Merfolk Kingdom access
  • Diving 30m
  • Clothing batch 3
  • Decor batch 3

Fall Content Update

  • Spooky festival
  • Fall outfit
  • ♥7 for all NPC
  • Deep forest accessible
  • More game progression
  • Clothing batch 4
  • Decor batch 4

Winter Content Update

  • Winter fair festival
  • Winter outfit
  • Winter world set dress
  • Story quest part 3
  • Clothing batch 5
  • Decor batch 5
  • Adoptable pets

Endgame Content Update

  • Fire gate mining
  • Diving 40m
  • ♥8 for all NPC
  • Misc NPC outfit

Marriage & Children Content Update

  • 10 for all NPC
  • Marriage
  • Children
  • Children portrait
  • Children dialogue

Update 1.0

  • Merfolk NPC Merfolk Festival
  • Spooky day outfits
  • Tourist system
  • Backer NPC
  • Founders Hall
  • Kickstarter rewards delivered

Multiplayer Update

  • Full multiplayer Update on mod support
  • Update on kids growing up
  • Update on island hopping

That covers everything in the Coral Island roadmap. You can find similar guides here.

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