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How to Move Objects in Coral Island

Coral Island lets you get hands on in all kinds of places. Need a little helping jazzing up the comfort of your own home, or tending to the great outdoors? Here's how to move objects in Coral Island.

Customisation goes a long way in all kinds of farming sim games, and Coral Island is thankfully no different. Offering many different ways to give each player their own sense of individuality with the character customizer alone, the same can be said for how every single interactable item can be moved about.

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There are a couple of notes keeping in mind, however. So, if you happen to be struggling in how to make said objects moveable, don’t worry, we’ve been there too. Here’s how you manoeuvre about objects in Coral Island.

How to Move Objects in Coral Island

There are a few ways to move objects in Coral Island depending on where you are and what you intend to manoeuvre about. Firstly, let’s cover house decorating. Within your home base in Coral Island, ensure that you are in building mode. Since the game is currently PC only, the only input you need to know about for this command is with the ‘P’ button. This will bring up the Furniture Placement mode.

From this screen you will be able to pick up items, move them about, place them wherever your heart desires them to be and stock them back into your unexpectedly deep storage space on your person.

Outside of the comfort of your own house, things work a bit differently within the wild spaces. For all objects outside the confines of your own home, you will be utilising your trusty pickaxe to make the objects interactable. Objects hit with the pickaxe automatically go back into your inventory where you can then drag and drop them to wherever you see fit.

While we are on the topic, remember that anything you have left outside the confines of your own pocket – any form of the inventory or storage spaces that is – will be forever lost once a new day roles by. Keep an eye on where you are discarding objects and items at all times. That’s all you need to know about moving objects in Coral Island!

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