How to get Sonic & Tails Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom
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How to get Sonic & Tails Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom

Learn how to get Sonic Cookie and Tails Cookie in the limited-time Cookie Run Kingdom crossover event!
How to get Sonic & Tails Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom
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The new Cookie Run Kingdom update introduces a crossover with Sonic and Tails, which features a special limited-time event. Additionally, players can unlock two exclusive new cookies: Sonic Cookie and Tails Cookie. A common question being asked is how to unlock Sonic and Tails Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom. We’ll explain everything you need to know in this guide.

Sonic Cookie and Tails Cookie are not available in the traditional gacha banner system within Cookie Run Kingdom. You can verify this information by checking the Featured Cookie Probabilities chart next to each banner. There is no probability of pulling or summoning either of these cookies. Furthermore, these cookies are in their own rarity class: Specialty Cookie.

That being said, many people are wondering how to get the Sonic Cookie and Tails Cookie.

  1. Launch Cookie Run Kingdom.
  2. Click on Play, and choose Sonic’s Green Hills.
  3. Complete all of the stages and missions to obtain Rings.
  4. Use the Rings to open Sonic & Tails Item Boxes.
  5. Obtain seven different colored Chaos Emeralds.
  6. Use the Emeralds in the Miraculous Chaos Emerald section to unlock Sonic & Tails.

The first thing you’ll need to do to obtain Sonic Cookie and Tails Cookie is to play through Sonic’s Green Hills Event. Playing the event is how you can collect Rings, an event-exclusive currency. If you cannot complete all the stages, there’s no need to worry, as you can continue grinding out the stage that you can complete successfully to accumulate more rings. 

After collecting Rings, you can go back to your Kingdom and tap on the Events button on the left side of the screen. Tap on the Collect Rings tab, and you will be able to view a complete list of missions associated with the event. That’s another way to get easy rings, as some missions entail basic tasks like buying and placing decorations.

How to get Chaos Emeralds in Cookie Run Kingdom

When you have enough rings, you will need to go to the Luck Item Boxes tab on the events page. You can spend 1,000 Rings to open a Sonic and Tails Item Box. The box has a chance to give you Emeralds of different colors. The Emeralds are the key to unlocking Sonic Cookie and Tails Cookie.

Sonic & Tails Cookie Lucky Item Boxes Cookie Run Kingdom

From the event tab, click on the Miraculous Chaos Emeralds tab on the left. You will need the following Emeralds to unlock Sonic:

  • Purple Chaos Emerald
  • Cyan Chaos Emerald
  • White Chaos Emerald
  • Yellow Chaos Emerald
  • Green Chaos Emerald
  • Blue Chaos Emerald
  • Red Chaos Emerald
How to get Sonic and Tails Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom

After you collect all of the Emeralds and claim Sonic, the Miraculous Chaos Emeralds event page will reset and put Tails there instead. You’ll then have to repeat the steps above and collect all of the different colored Emeralds to obtain Tails.

One thing to note is that this event is not very friendly toward new players, despite being able to participate after beating stage 2-8. Some of the stages are quite difficult. It may be hard for newer players to obtain enough rings to get all of the Emeralds from the Sonic & Tails’ Item Boxes. However, it is a very free-to-play friendly event, which is nice to see in a gacha game like Cookie Run Kingdom!

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