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Cookie Run: Kingdom Space Doughnut Toppings

An out-of-this-world sweet treat.
cookie run kingdom space doughnut
Image via Devsisters

I’ll be the first to admit that there is a lot of crossover in the realm of baked goods, but even so, I am reasonably certain that a doughnut is not the same thing as a cookie. What exactly Space Doughnut is doing in Cookie Run: Kingdom, then, is a mystery, but I like their moxie, so what the heck, let’s give ’em a shot. Here are the best Space Doughnut Toppings builds in Cookie Run: Kingdom.

Space Doughnut is a front-priority Charge-type character in Cookie Run: Kingdom. As you’d expect from any proper extraterrestrial, Space Doughnut deals primarily in wavy beam attacks. Their personal skill is Doughnut Beam, a mysterious beam that transforms anyone hit by it into a doughnut, during which time they’re hit with a defensive debuff and the effects of any debuffs they’re already under are magnified. If Space Doughnut can transform ten enemies into doughnuts, Doughnut Beam transforms into Super Doughnut Blast, a rolling charge attack that sends Space Doughnut careening forward, dealing damage and stun.

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Here are the specifics of Doughnut Blast:

  • 12-second cooldown
  • For Cookies, Doughnut Beam deals up to 6 hits over 1.3 sec for 47.9% of Single hit DMG, plus 47.4% of extra DMG to doughnut targets
  • For others, Doughnut Beam deals up to 6 hits over 1.3 sec for 41.0% of Single hit DMG, plus 94.8% of extra DMG to doughnut targets
  • DEF Reduction: -40.0% for 10.0 sec
  • Debuff Amplification: 20.0% for 10.0 sec
  • Donut Transformation: 2.0 sec
  • Super Doughnut Blast: triggers at x10 Donut Transformations
  • Super Doughnut Blast deals 183.7% of ATK to Cookies, 229.6% of ATK to others, and 1.5 seconds of stun

Topping a Space Doughnut

cookie run kingdom stardust space doughnut
Image via Devsisters

There are a couple of ways we can spread out Space Doughnut’s toppings, depending on whether you want them to go for a tankier build or a more DPS-centric build.

If you’re looking for staying power, you want a full set of Solid Almonds to boost Space Doughnut’s damage-resist stat. You get a +5% to damage-resist with a full set, which will help Space Doughnut stay on the field and keep debuffing enemies with Doughnut Beam.

If you’d prefer to prioritize damage-dealing power, try a set of Swift Chocolates to boost cooldown. With the 5% cooldown boost from a full set, you can fire off the Doughnut Beam much more quickly, allowing you to both keep up damage and pressure and ensure enemies stay as weakened doughnuts for as long as possible.

With the right build, Space Doughnut can dazzle and disorient foes with its extraterrestrial mysteries. Honestly, the real mystery is how they eat anything with a literal doughnut hole for a mouth.

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