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Cookie Run: Kingdom Stardust Cookie Toppings Builds

There's a Sailor Moon reference in here somewhere.
cookie run kingdom stardust cookie
Image via Devsisters

The universe is a big place with a theoretically infinite number of life and matter permutations. What I’m saying is that there is a nonzero chance that somewhere out there, a being made of dough and stardust like Cookie Run: Kingdom’s Stardust Cookie could actually exist. Based on how he works in this game, though, I kinda hope he doesn’t, because he’d be terrifying. Here are the best Toppings builds for Stardust Cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom.

Stardust Cookie is a Middle-priority Ambush-type character in Cookie Run: Kingdom. Much like the cosmic matter he cruises around next to in the stars, Stardust has the ability to raise cosmic fury from the sky on unsuspecting foes. Stardust Cookie’s personal skill is Wrath of the Stars, a skill that, when activated, will automatically target the enemy cookie with the highest attack stat and deal terrifying area damage on and around them while marking them with Sign of the Stars. Not only does this attack magnify any debuffs the enemy already has, but it deals more damage if they have any active buffs, prevents them from gaining new buffs while Sign of the Stars is active, and inflicts a flat debuff to attack and healing stats. And as a few extra insults to injuries, if Sign of the Stars is dispelled, all affected cookies are put to sleep and damaged while Stardust gets a damage resist buff. It’s a truly brutal attack, to say the least.

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Here are the full details on Wrath of the Stars:

  • Targets highest ATK target, prioritizes cookies
  • Deals 231.6% of Stardust’s ATK stat in an area around the target
  • Deals 65.0% extra damage for every buff on target
  • Amplifies target’s existing debuffs by 10% for 12 seconds
  • If the initial hit is critical, the target will be put to sleep
  • Inflicts Sign of the Stars, which prevents buffs for 20 seconds, increases DMG received by 35%, reduces ATK by 30%, reduces Healing by 40.0%
  • When Sign of the Stars is dispelled, targets are put to sleep for 1.5 seconds, take 1,005.0% area damage, and are struck by a meteor dealing 301.5% ATK. Stardust also receives +35.0% to DMG Resist for 7.5 seconds

Stardust Cookie Toppings

cookie run kingdom stardust space doughnut
Image via Devsisters

Stardust Cookie is already a veritable dreadnaught in the attacking department, but he could always be a little bit higher. The precise way in which we take it higher, though, is up to you.

If you’d prefer to play things a bit safer and focus on base-level damage-dealing, you might want to opt for a set of 5 Searing Raspberries, complete with a +5% buff to attack. That buff applies to every aspect of Stardust’s attacks, of which there are many, so that’s a nice all-around damage boost.

If you’d prefer to play a little more fast and loose, you might want to try a set of five Juicy Apple Jellies for a +5% to your critical rate. Stardust does his best work when he’s dealing critical hits consistently, both for the sake of greater damage and because critical hits on Wrath of the Stars puts foes to sleep. More damage, less retaliation.

With the right Toppings, Stardust can pummel an entire squad of foes all at once with terrifying damage, all while removing their ability to fight back by putting them to sleep and sealing their buffs. Space is scary, man.

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