Complete Guide to Beating Eviterno First of the Penitents Blasphemous 2

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Blasphemous 2 is a game that you can describe the best as a 2D Soulsborne game. It offers a gloomy, dark fantasy world and a lot of challenges for the players. The dark atmosphere and very unwelcoming world with powerful enemies to defeat are the things to expect from this game.

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How to Defeat Eviterno First of the Penitents?

Eviterno is the hardest boss in the game by far. The battle with him is even harder than the one with the final boss. Eviterno boss battle has three stages, and each stage has several attacks that you need to learn how to overcome in order to damage and eventually defeat Eviterno.

Phase One

In the first phase, Eviterno is the least intimidating opponent. There are only four attacks you have to be aware of. Moreover, one of the attacks leaves a massive opening for you to deal damage to Eviterno. However, this phase is very long and challenging, so be aware not to use Bile Flasks in this phase. You will need them later. This is how to deal with those four attacks:

  • Fire Orb – enormous orb of flame that Eviterno throws toward the ground. Run away from the landing zone and do a Double Jump and Air Dash to attack Eviterno.
  • Snake Orbs – after teleporting behind you, Eviterno will unleash two stacks of six orbs that move like snakes. You have three options: Air Dash through them, slide under them, or Air Dash through their center.
  • Red Lightning – a vertical beam of energy you can Air Dash through. Don’t attack Eviterno until he spends up all the Red Lightnings
  • Orb Clusters – Eviterno will send three red orbs and one green orb towards you. Heating the green Orb will send it back to Eviterno and stun him, so you can deal some massive damage to him.

Phase Two

  • After you defeat Eviterno in the first phase, he will pull out the sword from the dead body in front of his throne and become the next level of annoyance. This phase has eight attacks, two of which are combos.
  • Broadslash Combo – Eviterno will always start phase two with this wide-reaching attack consisting of three consecutive slashes. You can avoid these slashes by double jumping and air dashing. Be aware you shouldn’t air – after the second slash. After the third slash, Eviterno will take a recovery, which you can use to damage him.
  • Overhead Slash – Eviterno jumps in the air and makes a devastating downward slash. You can either slide underneath him or jump over him to avoid taking damage.
  • Oval Slash – Eviterno will use this attack when he’s near half of his hit points. He will lead me to the air and then briefly outline the circumference of the attack before unleashing it. You can either jump in the middle of the Oval Slash or try to Evade.
  • Blood Projectile – the least intimidating attack in this phase. Eviterno will basically fire Bleeding Miracle at you, and you can easily jump over the projectiles.
  • Rising Slash Combo – this is a combination of three attacks. The first attack is a lifting strike with the sword you can evade and jump back. Next, while he’s in the air, he will perform an aerial slash, covering a large area. You can avoid it by running away from it. He will finish the combo with Overhead Slam, so you can double jump and Air Dash behind him.

Phase Three

When you strike off 3/4 of Eviterno’s health, he will enter the third phase. Thankfully, he will not regenerate any of his health. This phase is very similar to the second phase, but it places you in a pitch-black room with phantoms of all previously killed bosses. You will have to fight through the phantoms of Orospina, Lesmes, Benedicta, and Odon. After defeating the phantoms, Eviterno will appear in the center and continue attacking you in the same way as in phase two. Keep avoiding his attacks, as explained earlier, and you will defeat him eventually.

Not even the final boss of Blasphemous 2 is as troublesome as Eviterno. For more related content, please check out our articles How to Beat the Final Boss in Blasphemous 2? or Best Weapons in Blasphemous 2, Ranked.

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