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How to Beat the Final Boss in Blasphemous 2?

One last challenge stands in your way!
Blasphemous 2 Incarnate Devotion
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If you’re struggling to beat the final boss in Blasphemous 2, know that you’re not alone. As a side-scrolling Soulslike, Blasphemous 2 isn’t an easy game. But if you’ve reached the last boss, that’s already quite the accomplishment. Now, it’s time to tackle this monster. Here’s how to beat Incarnate Devotion in Blasphemous 2!

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How to Beat Incarnate Devotion?

The final boss in Blasphemous 2, Incarnate Devotion proves most challenging and doesn’t offer any rewards upon completion. Thankfully, his fight is relatively straightforward once you nail down his arena and attack patterns.

To beat him, first focus on the arena. You’ll note multiple outer platforms, and you can outright ignore these. Instead, focus on dodging his various ground attacks by remaining near or on the platforms in the center closest to his heart. There, you can attack whenever he isn’t.

After a short period, his heart will become enveloped in a shield. As it does, he will summon flowers that release Orbs of Light. It’s time to turn your attention away from Incarnate Devotion and toward these flowers, as they will continuously launch ranged attacks. If you’re not fast enough, however, they will respawn.

Finally, the hovering platforms will disappear as part of his final phase. When they do, you’re trapped on the ground, and he’ll soon launch his lightning beam attacks once more. To avoid these, jump toward the beam nearest you, then Air Dash through. You won’t take any damage. But immediately follow up the Air dash with attacks on his heart.

Incarnate Devotion has eight attacks in total, and these vary depending on the arena itself. They range from ground-based attacks to air-based attacks if the platforms are active. Simply pay attention to the ever-changing arena, jump, dodge, and strike his heart whenever possible.

Like most boss encounters, Incarnate Devotion is a matter of attrition. Keep pummeling him; he’ll eventually perish, leaving you with a win!

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