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Best Weapons in Blasphemous 2, Ranked

Choose wisely.
The Penitent One Fighting in Blasphemous 2
Image via The Game Kitchen

Blasphemous 2, developed by The Game Kitchen and published by Team17, is a side-scrolling Metroidvania masterpiece. Following in the footsteps of its predecessor, Blasphemous, this game instantaneously captured the hearts, minds, and souls of every player who managed to get their greedy hands on it. If you love playing fighting games that deal with disturbing themes and ancient mysteries, then Blasphemous 2 will be right up your alley.

As with most fighting games, weapons are the greatest assets for a player to have, especially those of a higher quality. It’s safe to say that you’ll be doing a lot of fighting in this game, so you’ll want to make sure you choose your weapons wisely. Read on to find out how all of the best weapons in Blasphemous 2 stack up!

Best Weapons in Blasphemous 2, Ranked

There are 3 total weapons that players can choose from in Blasphemous 2: Ruego Al Alba, Veredicto, and Sarmiento and Centella. These three options are your only choices for weapons in Blasphemous 2, so you’ll want to make sure you choose wisely when the time comes.

If you want to be able to make it through Blasphemous 2’s treacherous landscape unscathed, then you’ll want to choose a high-tier weapon to fight with.

Here is the tier system by which these weapons will be ranked:

  • Tier S – The very best weapons in the game. Any weapons that fall under this tier have little to no faults and are the very best in the game.
  • Tier A – Some of the best weapons in the game. Tier A weapons aren’t the best weapons in the game, but they’re pretty close.
  • Tier B – These weapons are pretty average. Tier B weapons aren’t really bad or good, they pretty much just get the job done.
  • Tier C – Underwhelming is these weapons’ middle name. Weapons that fall under this tier aren’t just far from the best, they’re far from good. Despite this, these weapons get the job done, but only just barely.
  • Tier D – These are the very worst weapons in the game. Try to avoid using these weapons at all costs if you can help it.

Obviously, there are only 3 available weapons in Blasphemous 2, so this is going to be a relatively short list. However, even with that being said, you’ll still want to pay close attention to which weapons are in which tiers.

The fact that there are so few options means that you’ll want to be extra careful when choosing your weapon, as there won’t be hundreds of other weapons to choose from later on in your playthrough, like in other games.

With that in mind, here are all of the weapons in Blasphemous 2, ranked:

Tier S

  • Veredicto – The Veredicto is easily the best weapon in the game. Not only does the Veredicto have an insanely high damage output, but it also dishes out a hefty dose of knockback to everything it hits. Furthermore, the range on this weapon is crazy; if you don’t like getting up close and personal with your enemies, then the Veredicto is the perfect choice for you!

Tier A

  • Ruego Al Alba – The Ruego Al Alba isn’t quite as good as the Verdicto, but it’s pretty damn close. The Ruego Al Alba possesses nearly all of the strength of the Verdicto, but it also has a lot more dexterity, meaning you can swing it around much faster. However, it doesn’t have as long a range as the Verdicto has, and it doesn’t deal any knockback to enemies.

Tier B

  • Sarmiento and Centella – You’d think that since the Sarmiento and Centella are technically two weapons in one, they’d be better, but you’d be wrong! The Sarmiento and Centella are fast, don’t get me wrong, but they sacrifice damage output for speed. These twin blades barely do any damage to your enemies, and you’ll inevitably spend more time in fights because of this.
The Penitent One in Blasphemous 2
Image via The Game Kitchen

Tier C

  • No weapons in Tier C

Tier D

  • No weapons in Tier D

As previously mentioned, there are only 3 weapons in the game, making this a relatively short list. However, it’s still important to know how these weapons stack up against each other, since players have such a small arsenal to pick from.

At the end of the day, the weapon that you choose is really up to how you like to play the game. For example, someone who likes playing defensively would probably enjoy fighting with the Veredicto more, whereas someone who enjoys playing offensively would probably enjoy the Sarmiento and Centella instead.

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Blasphemous 2 is every bit as good, if not even better than its predecessor. If you enjoy playing Metroidvania games like the Blasphemous series, then you’d really enjoy playing Hollow Knight and Metroid Dread.

Hollow Knight, Metroid Dread, and the Blasphemous series all share numerous core gameplay elements and thematic qualities that define the Metroidvania genre. Be sure to stay up to date with Gamer Journalist’s content for these games for more information!

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