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CoD Warzone: a beginner’s guide to winning your first match

CoD Warzone: a beginner's guide to winning your first match

Although many of us have been on Warzone as of late, lots of new players are giving the game a shot for the first time. Whether you’re coming from multiplayer or brand new to Modern Warfare altogether, following these general tips will put you on the path to victory. 

In our beginner’s guide to winning your first CoD Warzone match, we’ll go over four things you should always keep in mind. Knowing how to incorporate these strategies into your gameplay will help shorten the gap between the more skilled players.

Shoot to Kill

Shooting on first sight is instinctive for players coming over from Modern Warfare’s multiplayer. However, the Warzone map is much bigger and provides a lot more cover. Beginners should follow a different approach in Warzone: shoot to kill.

Do not shoot at first sight in Warzone. Instead, wait until you are sure you can secure the frag. Remember, downing an enemy is meaningless if they can crawl to cover and either self-revive or get revived by a teammate. If you’re engaging an enemy, make sure your target is in the open, and you have somewhere to hide if things go south.

Another thing to practice is not firing at enemy squads that are moving through the map together. Experienced players will know how to counter you very quickly. Follow the shoot to kill methodology and do not take unnecessary risks. Instead, trail the team that you want to kill and go guns blazing only when necessary and optimal in your situation.

Cash Management

Cash is one of the most valuable assets you can have during the game. You can use the money to revive fallen squadmates, buy killstreaks, and call-in loadout drops. There are many other things you can do with cash in Warzone. Always keep an eye out for nearby Buy Stations, and have a plan for hitting them and getting out quickly.

Spend your money when it can help you the most, rather than buying things simply because you can. Always make sure your armor plater stock is full, and use munitions boxes when necessary. In squad games, UAVs are extremely useful, as are airstrikes. Do not obtain a Precision and Cluster Strike at the same time when you could instead revive a teammate, though. Similarly, don’t get an armored box when your squad is already full of plates.

Cash in Warzone does not come easily, especially considering the biggest rewards come late in-game. Having proper cash management is a critical key to securing victory.

Improving your Aim

Warzone is a first-person shooter, and aiming is essential. There is only one way to improve your aim, and that is through experience. As a beginner, there are some things to keep in mind to close the gap between you and more skilled players. 

Warm-up by using the pre-game lobby to practice your aim. Whether you shoot down gliding enemies or self-made marks in a vehicle, warming up is crucial. Another good practice is mounting your weapon. One of the most significant issues with beginner players is that the recoil is too much to handle on the controller. When possible, mount your gun to reduce recoil, improve aim, and give you cover from enemy fire.

Create Loadouts

After playing a few matches, make sure to create the best Warzone loadouts that suit your playstyle. If you enjoy sniping, create a sniper loadout. Run-and-gun more your style? Check out the best SMG and assault rifles in Warzone. You can call in your loadouts during the match for $10,000 from a Buy Station. Loadouts get you two weapons, three perks, and equipment. 

As with most Battle Royales, your loadout is essential to winning. You can only have so much luck when it comes to opening up supply boxes and finding good loot. Warzone is unique in that you can have predefined loadouts you can call in every game as long as you have proper cash management.

Hopefully, our CoD Warzone beginner’s guide to winning provides you with the information you need to secure your first dub. Good luck out there, soldier.

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