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Can You Save Eugene in Choo Choo Charles?

Save Eugene!!
Eugene on a Boat in Choo Choo Charles
Image via Two Star Games

Eugene is easily one of the most beloved characters in Choo Choo Charles. Eugene is an optimistic, benevolent old man who helps you immensely at the beginning of the game (without Eugene, you wouldn’t have a train!), so thousands of fans were understandably horrified when he was brutally murdered by Charles on-screen.

His death may have kickstarted Choo Choo Charles’s horrifying narrative, but we have reason to believe that his death may not actually be essential to the story. Keep reading to find out if you can save Eugene in Choo Choo Charles!

Is it Possible to Save Eugene in Choo Choo Charles?

Eugene’s death in Choo Choo Charles was not only heartbreaking, but it was also incredibly unexpected. Almost no one expected Eugene to die, and for good reason. One of the featured screenshots for Choo Choo Charles on Steam is a screenshot of Eugene standing next to a fully upgraded train saying “That’s what I’m talking about!”. You can see the screenshot from Steam below:

Eugene in Choo Choo Charles
Image via Two Star Games

You’re unable to fully upgrade your train until the very end of the game, so many people assumed that Eugene would stick around for the ending. After all, why would this screenshot exist if Eugene is fated to always die right at the beginning? This image seems to imply that it’s possible for Eugene to survive Charles’s attack and make it to the end of the game; there are many other reasons that fans always believed Eugene could survive, but this is the strongest source of that belief. (This one image has even sparked a “secret ending” theory!)

Fans were so heartbroken after seeing Eugene die on-screen that they tried anything and everything (and I mean everything) to save him during the initial attack. Despite doing everything they could to keep the fatal attack from happening (taking more headshots, making sure the gun doesn’t overheat, etc), no one has been able to save Eugene from that fatal attack at the beginning of the game. Just because he couldn’t be saved through legitimate methods, however, doesn’t mean it can’t be done at all; many fans turned to alternative methods to ensure Eugene’s survival, and have actually managed to save him because of it!

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How to Save Eugene in Choo Choo Charles

Many players have turned to utilizing game-breaking glitches, using cheats, hacking, and using other sneaky methods to ensure that Eugene’s death never happens. There are many creative (and downright devious) ways that fans have saved Eugene, but there is actually an incredibly simple way that he can be saved right at the beginning of the game.

Players can save Eugene at the beginning of the game by utilizing the “New Game Glitch“. Don’t worry, this glitch is very easy to utilize, even if you have no experience with glitches! The “New Game Glitch” is a glitch that can be utilized very simply at the beginning of the game. Follow these steps to use this glitch:

  • Start a New Game in Choo Choo Charles and start playing through the tutorial.
  • While you’re still playing through the tutorial, bring up the game’s menu.
  • Once the menu pops up, press the Escape button and the Settings option at the same time.
    • It’s okay if you don’t get this on your first try!
  • Exit out of the Settings screen and then hit the New Game option on the menu.
  • When you are asked if you’re sure you want to start a New Game, hit the Yes button.
  • Play through your New Game like normal. If you’ve utilized this glitch properly, Eugene should be stuck in the boat that he rows you to the island with at the beginning of the game.

Admittedly, this glitch kind of breaks the game. If you’ve done this glitch correctly, Eugene should be stuck in the boat he rowed you to the island with; he won’t accompany you on your travels, but he also will never die! It’s not a very exciting way to save Eugene, but at least you’ll never have to watch him die ever again.

Eugene’s survival kind of breaks the game in other ways as well. Euegene’s death in the beginning kind of kickstarts Charles’s murderous rampage for the rest of the game, so if you utilize this glitch, you likely won’t see Charles until the final boss fight. The game is still playable, but it’ll probably be a lot more boring without the constant threat of Charles the Shank Engine constantly breathing down your neck.

There’s no guarantee that this glitch will work forever, but for now, it’s the simplest and most sure way to save Eugene in Choo Choo Charles.

Just because no one has found a secret ending in which Eugene survives legitimately doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist! Until it’s proven beyond reasonable doubt that it’s impossible, you should keep trying to figure out ways to legitimately bring Eugene to the game’s ending! Choo Choo Charles is a hell of a game with a lot of hidden secrets, who’s to say Eugene’s “secret ending” survival isn’t yet another one? If you love reading about Choo Choo Charles and all of its secrets, check out Gamer Journalist’s other guides for this terrifyingly good game!

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