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Can You Change Appearance After Character Creation in Diablo 4? Answered

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As someone who does not play RPGs often, I find myself getting absorbed into the world of character customization. Sometimes I can spend up to an hour of my time perfecting my character creation to fit the exact imagine in my head. Of course, this is more easily achievable if the game has incredibly strong customization options. With this bizarre ability to make people I know from my day to day life, be it my family or friends, they will inevitably find themselves as a Mii, as a Wizard in Hogwarts Legacy or the latest Mage in Diablo 4. The reason it takes me forever to create a character however is because of only really having this ability to create at the beginning of a playthrough. But, can the same be said for Diablo 4? Is changing their appearance possible post-character creation? Vincent’s guide has all the answers.

Can you Change Appearance in Diablo 4 Post-Character Creation?

Whilst spending your time, no matter how long, on creating the perfect character for your Class in Diablo 4 marks the moment when you are happy with how they look, we are creatures of habit and sometimes a habit we have is getting bored of how we look. The same thing happens in RPGs where without default characters who you have to stick out with throughout your journey, being able to fully customize your character can mean that you get bored of how they look. Although Diablo 4 is predominately experienced from an almost birds eye view where your character’s face is never really seen in combat, you cannot help but look at your gear and weapons and think, this Axe does not suit his face.

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Because of this, you may find that you want to make a few adjustments. Perhaps your Barbarian suits head-to-toe armor coverage and because of this, his face needs a few alterations to match the knighted lifestyle. Regardless, you will need to head back into character customization once again, but is it possible in Diablo 4. The answer is yes, players can indeed change their characters appearance after creating them at the beginning of their playthrough. Whilst you will need to complete the early Quests to gain access, the Wardrobe function will become unlocked. This appears on the Map, predominately located in towns/cities in which you will need to visit in order to change your characters appearance in Diablo 4.

No longer will you need to keep staying at that face that just does not seem to match the rest of their body. You get infinite chances and options to head back into your character creation, adding scars from tough battles inside the Dungeons, getting fresh new tattoos as the right of killing hoards of enemies, or adding some jewels as you become Diablo royalty. The choice is yours. Keep in mind however that you can only change jewellery, makeup and markings inside the Wardrobe as its primary use is for your character’s outfit.

We hope this guide answered any questions you may have had regarding character customization in Diablo 4. For more Diablo content, be sure to check out all of our related articles here. Thank you for reading his GJ guide.

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