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Can You Change Your Gender in Diablo 4? Answered

Just how much can you customize?
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I don’t know about you, but I can truly spend hours customizing a character in an RPG. Sometimes this is what excites me more than the actual gameplay, it’s sad I know. But in Diablo 4, with so many customization combinations for your character, sometimes you can get a little lost in all its choice that you find yourself thinking about making some changes post-character creation.

If this happens to you, because it definitely happens to me, you may decide that those tribal tats, markings, and physique attributes are no longer part of your Diablo aesthetic that you wish to change. Therefore, just how far can customization go, and is changing your gender in Diablo 4 a possibility? Vincent’s guide will answer your questions.

Can you Change Gender for your Character?

Whilst Blizzard Entertainment shows that each Class has its default gender, you will find that inside the character customization menu, this can easily be changed. With similar customization options to that of Dragon Age or Mass Effect, giving you a lot of freedom as to how you wish to look (albeit not as vast as Saints Row or Street Fighter 6), you get to decide exactly the type of warrior you wish to be. Do you want to go for a tankier man with an appearance similar to that of God of War’s Kratos? Or perhaps you want something more mysterious and dark like Devil May Cry’s V. Regardless, you get to choose the type of character you want to be, with armor and gear to match their vibe. But is changing your character’s gender a possibility?

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Unfortunately, for those who perhaps decide that their Necromancer Build would look cooler as female, the option is not there to alter their gender post-customization. Instead, you will have to play out your playthrough, up until you complete the Campaign in which you can then start a new Build and skip the Campaign to get to the good stuff (harder World Tiers). However, if you decide early on that you are unhappy with your character, primarily because of the gender lock, you can just start a new game. Whilst you may customize your character once again via their Wardrobe, you will not be able to change their gender at any point in Diablo 4. You may do better creating multiple Builds that are female and male so you can see all aspects and mechanics available in Diablo 4.

Keep in mind that you get nothing as a buff of sorts by selecting to be male or female. This is simply in place for aesthetics reason.

That was our guide on Diablo 4 and gender-locking after creating your character. We hope this answered any questions you may have had. For more Diablo guides, be sure to see our GJ related articles here. Thank you for reading.

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