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Call of Duty Warzone: How To Complete Black Market Supply Run Contracts

The new Black Market Supply Run Contracts are a gamechanger.

Call of Duty: Warzone Season 4: Mercenaries of Fortune has added a lot of new elements to the game, including an updated Caldera Island, the Mercenaries of Fortune Event, and the brand new Fortune’s Keep Resurgence map. In addition to those bigger aspects, the game also has a new contract called the Black Market Supply Run which gives players a chance to knab some special gear upon completion. Let’s explain how to complete the Black Market Supply Run Contract and show you why you’d want to do so.

How to Complete Black market Supply Run Contracts

Black Market Supply Run Contract Pick Up

The first thing that you’re going to want to do is locate one of these contracts on the in-game map. They have a specific icon different from others so it’s not too difficult to sort which it is. When it comes to completing one; the goal is to locate the special Black Market Buy Station. That’s it, that’s the main goal of this contract. What makes this dangerous though is that others can see when you’re looking for one as well which makes enemies the added layer of risk. You also only have 2 minutes to locate it so time is of the essence.

Black Market Supply Run Map Indicator

Once you pick up your contract then it’s game on. You can view how close you are to it via your radar on the top left of your screen but opening your map is really going to give you a clearer look at exactly where you’re going to have to reach. These buy stations are typically near the center of the gold circle so heading to its core is the best course of action. As you get closer to it, the circle shrinks and you’ll begin to hear it beeping.

Black Market Supply Run Buy Station

Once you find it, the box opens and the mission is accomplished, granting you and your teammates currency for completing it. The real prizes, however, await inside the actual buy station. If you’re working to complete the Black Market mission for the Mercenaries of Fortune Event, then this next part is going to be very important for you.

Black Market Buy Station Store

Once you open the buy station you can scope through its offerings and buy its special items. The items can be a bit pricey but some of them are truly worth it. The Nebula V Minigun is very powerful, Foresight gives you a look at where the gas circles are going to end, and the Specialist Bonus gives its user all of the available in-game perks, all at once. These are more than worth their price seeing as they can totally change the tide of war.

Black Market REDACTED LMG 2

From a weapons standpoint, these are really cool as they’re all clad in gold and really bring a festive feel to the whole Mercenaries of Fortune Event, what with all of its gold theming and all. In the end, the whole Black Market Supply Run Contract is about the destination and not the journey as much as some of the other contracts you’ll find in-game. They’re truly worth checking out.

So that’s how to complete the Black Market Supply Run Contracts and explains why they’re really worth seeking out. With weapons and perks to put you and your team in the driver’s seat, these are a game-changer for sure.

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