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All Warzone Mercenaries of Fortune Event Rewards and How To Unlock Them

We'll help you unlock every reward in the Mercenaries of Fortune Event.
Mercenaries of Fortune Characters
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Call of Duty: Warzone’s explosive Season 4: Mercenaries of Fortune kicked off in a big way with a new event giving players a chance to unlock some new goodies, and we’re gonna explain how to get them.

Season 4 not only introduced a new map in the Resurgence-based, Fortune’s Keep, but also a new contract, gameplay mechanics, and even additional vaults and POIs strewn throughout Caldera Island as well. While there are many of these missions that can be completed by the normal things a player typically does during a match regularly, some are a bit more abstract or require a specific strategy to complete.

The new Mercenaries of Fortune event has various items to unlock, ranging from weapon camos to a new scope reticle, each requiring a mission to be completed in order to gain access to it. There are 8 various missions that can be completed, and upon doing so players are awarded a gold-clad “The Vault” Ultra vehicle skin. We’re going to discuss how each reward can be unlocked and further explain how to complete some of the tougher missions.

All Mercenaries of Fortune Rewards and How to Unlock Them

All of the 8 missions to complete during the Mercenaries of Fortune Event

Here’s the full list of the Mercenaries of Fortune Event rewards and how to unlock them.

  1. False Prospector camo: Get 50 player kills on Fortune’s Keep
  2. Fanged Assault emblem: Open a Mercenary Vault
  3. Nugget charm: Get 25 kills or assists while in a vehicle
  4. Venomous Wealth calling card: Win 1 game(s) of Golden Plunder
  5. Death Prospector camo: Get 100 kills at the Storage Town on Caldera Island
  6. Venomous Approval sticker: Collect 100,000 cash on Fortune’s Keep
  7. Nefarious Deeds charm: Dig up 3 buried treasure piles on Fortune’s Keep
  8. Scaled Snipe reticle: Purchase 5 items from the Black Market

Breaking Down The Mercenaries of Fortune Event Missions

Mercenaries of Fortune Vault Skin
“The Vault” Ultra vehicle skin unlocked after completing the Mercenaries of Fortune Event.

When it comes to the easier missions, numbers 1,3,4, and even 6 are pretty self-explanatory. I will point out that for number 4, Plunder has been renamed to Golden Plunder but other than a new name nothing has changed here. As for number 6, this is the total amount of money accumulated over various matches, not a singular one.

Going into the missions that require a bit more thought; number 2 is going to have players scavenge loot boxes or fallen enemies for “golden keycards” which open the various vaults circled in gold on the updated Cladera Island map. These are below ground so you’re going to want to keep an eye on your radar up top to see when a vault door is in your vicinity.

As for number 5, playing Golden Plunder is going to be your best bet to gain as many kills as possible, and you’re going to want to drop in over and over after each death to farm them. With it being a mission for this event and there having so many kills needed to complete it, this is a very hot drop at this point in time for many players so it’s really just a lesson in getting as many kills as you can before dying and then doing it all over.

When it comes to digging up the buried treasure needed to complete mission number 7 you’re going to want to head to any of the beach areas on Fortune’s Keep and locate a shovel. Additionally, the Graveyard also has a shovel or two if you can’t seem to find one at a beach. Similar to a keycard, these shovels are not melee weapons and just act as a button-prompt action. Upon finding a shovel, go ahead and locate a mound of sand that is a bit off-color from the rest. They’re large and pretty easy to spot.

To complete the number 8 mission, you’re going to want to pick up one of the Black Market Contracts around the map. These are pretty easy to find and once you do you’ll want to locate the area of your map marked in gold. Once in the gold area, it’ll start to shrink as you get closer to the hidden buy station that houses the weapons you’ll need to purchase. These can be difficult to find but make a distinct humming sound different from typical loot boxes.

That’s all there is to it! There’s definitely a good balance of easy and difficult missions, just enough to keep you playing for hours on end. It’s also worth noting that trying to complete these missions with a team of friends will also help in expediting your completion of the entire event much faster.

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