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Best Loot Locations In Call of Duty: Warzone’s Fortune’s Keep

Our list of best loot locations in Warzone's Fortune's Keep ensures great gear worth its risks.
Fortune's Keep Map
Image via Activision

The brand-new Fortune’s Keep Resurgence map in Call of Duty: Warzone is very popular with players for its various types of locales and terrain, providing them with ample areas to find some of the best loot that the island has to offer. With there being so many POIs on this tight map, it can be hard to determine just where to land in order to have the best loot at your fingertips. Our list of the best loot locations in Fortune’s Keep will give you all the info you need for your next drop.

There are many places to land in order to get great loot; there are the smaller areas that can give you great gear to get started as well as the highly popular destinations that offer loot that is high and above worthy of the risk associated with landing on them. With it being such a versatile map, it only seems appropriate at its loot locations are also very fluid. Here are the best ones though.

Best Loot Locations In Fortune’s Keep


Fortune's Keep Grotto
Image via Activision

A go-to for myself as it’s not too high of a risky location is Grotto. It houses dozens of loot boxes along its corridors and areas, many of them resurgence ones that refill every few minutes which means loot is highly fruitful. This location is also centralized in the middle of the map, meaning you won’t have to worry about the circle placement all that much when it comes time to move to safety as the gas approaches. Additionally, because it’s centralized, that allows for looting to move a bit more naturally to other locations like Smuggler’s Cove, Lighthouse, or even Graveyard. This is a location that is a jack of all trades.


Fortune's Keep Camp
Image via Activision

One location that I find to be a perfect place to land is the Camp. It gives you as a player a good view of who’s at the Lighthouse and the Winery, while also giving great cover. The best part is that there is a decent amount of loot with little to no risk involved. The loot isn’t anything too crazy but it’s the fact that it isn’t a high-risk zone that makes it so worth it. You won’t have to worry about looking over your shoulder all that much while scavenging. This location also gives you a great plotting path through the beachline straight to the Bay as well, with a lot of loot in the in-between.


Fortune's Keep Keep
Image via Activision

A given, the Keep holds a lot of riches but just as much risk depending on the drop. Luckily enough, there’s a lot of loot on this location’s many levels and surrounding area throughout its courtyards which means you are always armed for a fight. Landing specifically in the large keep itself also gives a lot of strategic combat area, especially if you’re someone who can zip around its corners. If you can, then the value definitely outweighs the risk for this kind of drop. For comparison; this is Fortune’s Keep’s equivalent to Caldera Island’s Peak location in terms of risk and reward.

Those are the best locations for loot in Fortune’s Keep! It’s a varied list and the reasons behind each of them being the best are due to how each fits a specific playstyle and also caters to balancing loot to them perfectly. If this map ever sees an updated list of POIs, expect this list to change to reflect that if need be.

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