Bloons Tower Defense 6 Best Monkey Powers

Monkey powers for your monkey minions.
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It is a really special occasion every time I get to cover some gaming classic. And although this game is not ancient, I used to play its franchise all the time when I was younger. Certainly, a madness inducing game, with millions of Bloons bursting at a time and leaving you deaf with all those sound effects. I loved it, and so should you. As a matter of fact, that’s an order. But anyway, like every tower defense game, strategy is essential, and making use of the terrain and the specific types of towers is what will make or break your game. And then there are the monkey powers. Furthermore, if super intelligent monkeys were not enough, here comes monkey powers to ensure all those pesky Bloons get popped. Here are the best monkey powers in Bloons TD6.

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Best Monkey Powers in Bloons TD 6

I think that we are all good if Monkey Powers are only limited to BTD6, otherwise we have a Planet of the Apes type of situation in our hands. And we all know how that turns out, so we better keep them in chaotic tower defense games with questionable spelling. Be free to use them wisely, I know it is tempting to use all the powers at once. However, there are times, places and certain situations that call for a specific power in order to ensure that you don’t get swarmed with Bloons by the end of your game. In fact, I had to learn this through experience. In other words, a constant flow of failures and monkey debacles. But anyway, just keep that in mind, will you? Here is a list of the best monkey powers in Bloons Tower Defense 6, in no particular order.

Best Bloons TD 6 Monkey Power List

Monkey PowerCostDescription
Banana Farmer50Automatically gathers all bananas created by Banana Farms, as well as money and health crates. For instance, using the Banana Farmer is a great optimization strategy that enables the collection of resources without having to click them one by one.
Tech Bot50Links directly to a tower and activates its abilities automatically once ready. Therefore, using it will always keep your damage output going, even when you forget to activate your tower’s abilities yourself.
Energizing Totem70Increases attack speed of all towers on its radius by 25% for 5 rounds. It is recommended to stack it up with other boosts in order to maximize the damage and effects of your towers.
Pontoon50Provides a platform that floats on water where you can place towers. This complete impossibility of a concept will allow you to complete the water levels in the game.
Super Monkey Storm100A squadron of Super Monkeys will destroy and obliterate all Bloons in the map. Best saved for when a huge group is threatening to breach your defenses and make you lose, once again. Among the best monkey powers in the game, use it wisely.
Portable Lake50Allows a pool of water to be placed on land for water monkey placement. It will increase your damage output exponentially and open up great strategy points for your monkeys to attack those Bloons.
Cash Drop200Free money. Dead simple. Best useful for a little push at the beginning of the game, where money issues are the most concerning of all problems. I could use a cash drop right now, really.
Insta-MonkeysIn-game rewards or real money.Allows you to place monkey towers for free, with the possibility of them being pre-upgraded, dealing a major boost to your monkey defenses (or should I say “defenses”?). However, I would recommend saving this for bosses or extremely rare occasions, since you will only get this upgrade by completing challenges or using real money.
Road Spikes50Deals damage to any Bloons that touch them. Spike plus a Bloon is a disaster waiting to happen. And that’s just what we need. An oldie, but a goldie indeed.
MOAB Mine50Whenever a MOAB Class Bloon is detected, this mine will detonate and cause a catastrophic amount of damage to the enemy. Use it for those high-level situations.

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Now that you have the best monkey powers in mind, be sure to get the asap to improve your defenses the most and beat those evil, maniacal, and quite frankly, terrifying Bloons. In fact, they deserve whatever is coming to them. For that reason, be sure to save up for them and please, don’t commit the rookie mistake of blowing all your savings by buying in-game currency. I know those special boosts will come in handy eventually, but nothing guarantees that you will win those matches or that you will continue playing this game for weeks. But anyway, that’s the free education portion of this article. Just be sure to have fun and quit monkeying around.

Bloons Tower Defense 6 is available now on Android, iOS, macOS and Windows. If you like our Bloons TD 6 content, be sure to check out What Does Elite Targeting do in Bloons TD 6?, and How to link Bloons TD 6 Cross-Platform Steam and Mobile.

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