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Bloons Tower Defense 6: BTD6 Hero Tier List (March 2023)

Bloons Tower Defense 6
Image via Ninja Kiwi

Bloons has been a consistent presence for most of my life. I fondly remember loading it — and its many, many spinoffs — during free time in computer classes, and the world felt … calm. Bloons Tower Defense was also my first exposure to the genre, and while many would try to replicate it, many would fall short.

Bloons Tower Defense 6 released on June 13, 2018, for Android and iOS. It would make the jump to PC a few months later on Dec. 18, and to Mac in March of 2020. Bloons TD6 introduces the concept of heroes as unique towers that can perform special abilities. They are separated from ordinary towers by virtue of a name and personality all their own. So, let’s do what we do best and rank them in a tier list!!

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It should be noted that the following is entirely this writer’s subjective opinion. I will be basing this tier list on the heroes’ design, their abilities, their variant designs, and other factors. So, it makes sense that this list will certainly differ from your own. As long as we mutually understand that, let’s proceed!!

Bloons TD 6 Hero Tier List (March 2023)

Here’s our Bloons TD 6 hero tier list:

  • S Tier: Obyn Greenfoot | Captain Churchill | Benjamin | Adora | Psi
  • A Tier: Quincy | Striker Jones | Ezili | Etienne | Sauda
  • B Tier: Gwendolin | Geraldo
  • C Tier: Pat Fusty | Admiral Brickell

S Tier:

Obyn Greenfoot

Commanding powers of nature, Obyn can shoot through solid obstacles with his spirit wolf attack.

I based this ranking on Obyn’s special ability, Wall of Trees. Unlocked at rank 10, this ability “summons a wall of trees across the track that destroy all Bloons that enter,” and I can imagine that comes in handy, especially in the latter rounds, and especially when dealing with MOABs.

Captain Churchill

In his armored battle tank, the Captain is a no-nonsense powerhouse on the battlefield.

In the Bloons Tower Defense games, you need to always be ready to face a MOAB, or, a Massive Ornary Air Blimp. I placed Captain Churchill here because his special ability, MOAB Barrage, unlocked at rank 10, specifically deals massive damage to these nightmares.


Using his elite hacking skills, Benjamin can generate extra money for the cause.

I personally dig any means of increasing the cash-flow, especially when up against sentient balloons. If you can unlock Benjamin’s special ability, Syphon Funding, unlocked at rank 10, not only will it demote most Bloons by a single rank, but it doubles the cash you receive from popping them.


Adora’s devotion compels her to strike Bloons down with furious vengeance.

I was always a fan of the Super Monkey in previous iterations of BTD. And, while the Super Monkey has returned for another Bloons beat-down, Adora is one of the only heroes reminiscent of that overpowered tower. She mostly uses light to decimate enemies, which just sounds cool, if you ask me.


A gifted monkey child, Psi uses only the power of the mind to destroy Bloons from the inside out.

Psi is the only other hero — aside from Adora — who gives intense Super Monkey vibes. If you can max out their special ability, Psionic Scream, there might not be much on the board that can stop you.

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A Tier:


Proud, strong and intelligent, Quincy uses his bow to perform feats of amazing skill.

As Quincy is the first unlockable hero, it only makes sense for him to be at least semi-reliable. I also like towers and heroes with simple weapons, as they can usually be relied upon in intense situations.

Striker Jones

Striker Jones is a strong Commander who uses his knowledge of long range combat to greatly boost the power of explosives.

I put Striker Jones here because he reminded me of the old-school cannons in previous iterations of Bloons TD. If he’s even half as reliable, then he deserves a spot in this tier.


Ezili is a wielder of dark arts and manipulator of Bloons. Beware.

Like in the case of Captain Churchill, any hero that specifically targets MOABs is worth using. I only put Ezili in A as opposed to S because it seems their effect on MOABs is less tangible and more A.O.E. based.


This high-tech hero can pursue the Bloons wherever they go with his remote controlled drone.

I like ranged towers, especially in games like these. Etienne seems to be the king of ranged attacks, and reminds me heavily of the airstrip in earlier iterations.


With a calm fury, Sauda can carve Bloons up with her twin razor-sharp swords.

I think Sauda’s Sword Charge ability could come in handy during chaotic moments, especially in the late-game. It can only get more impressive once fully-upgraded, and for that reason, I place her in this tier.

B Tier:


Gwendolin believes there hasn’t yet been a Bloon problem that can’t be solved with fire. Lots of fire.

I haven’t been the biggest fan of A.O.E. attacks in Tower Defense games. They might inflict damage, but in a game where a few seconds means the difference between victory and defeat, I need Bloons to pop, not burn. I don’t mean to imply Gwendolin isn’t a good hero, just that fire-based attacks aren’t my favorite.


Geraldo the shopkeeper sells a selection of useful items and zaps Bloons with his lightning attack.

It seems to me that Geraldo’s main function is as a shop. I think that’s fine, but I don’t know how practical he would be in active Bloons warfare.

C Tier:

Pat Fusty

Pat is a huge Monkey of enormous strength. His unique size and power is a great asset in the war on Bloons.

I imagine that, when fully upgraded, Pat would be a valuable asset. But, I would prioritize other heroes over the brute force aesthetic that Pat Fusty puts forth.

Admiral Brickell

Command all your water-based Monkeys to decisive victory. Requires water to place.

If water were a guaranteed resource in every level, Brickell might rank higher. But, I don’t believe it is a guaranteed resource, so the good admiral’s usefulness is extremely limited.

For more on Bloons Tower Defense 6, including what CHIMPS mode is, stick with Gamer Journalist! Thank you for reading!

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