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How to Beat Scoops Tall Tale in Bloons TD 6?

Scoops Tall Tale isn't unbeatable if you know what you're doing!
Bloons TD 6
Image via Ninja Kiwi

Bloons TD6 is a fan-favorite tower defense game that is still relevant and popular with frequent updates. The update called Scoops Tall Tale adds some additional challenges to the beloved game.

Three quests that Ninja Kiwi added turned out to be quite difficult due to the lack of resources and huge amounts of bloons to pop. This tutorial will help you overcome these challenging quests.

Scoops Tall Tale Guide

The three new quests included in Scoops Tall Tale are Windswept Meadow, Fallen Tree, and Quiet Temple. In each quest, you start with 3 Chinooks, an Engineer, an Alchemist, and a simple Dart Monkey. No wonder I found these new additions so frustratingly hard, trying to employ my meager troops into defense against droves of bloons. However, there is a way to beat all three stages with the right strategy. Now, let’s go!

Quest 1 – Windswept Meadow

Windswept Meadow is certainly the hardest quest, mostly because it’s very repetitive. Also, you can base your strategy on the first quest for the other two. In this quest, you use the Dart Monkey (0-2-4) for the main bloon defense, and he can get boosted with the Berserker brew upgrade (4-2-0) by the Alchemist.

Despite being one of the basic units, Dart Monkey can be upgraded in various ways and majorly boost his bloon-popping properties. on the other hand, Alchemists are magic users who can slowly damage bloons with potions. They can also gain additional income from bloons and boost main units so they can deal bigger damage to special units.

Those two get additional help from the engineer’s upgrade (0-2-4), which allows them to make a bloon trap. To prevent a big bloon rush, you can use the chinooks. They are really handy, as they can both blow the bloons away and shoot them.

Quest 2 – Fallen Tree

This quest is very similar to the previous one, as monkeys are now in better spots in the field. The upgrade path might seem familiar from the first quest. It would be a good move to upgrade the Engineer to (2-0-4) so they could destroy the bigger scores of weaker bloons. Engineers are great support units, and they can shoot bloons with nail guns but also can create contraptions such as sentries and traps.

Quest 3 – Quiet Temple

Compared with the first two quests, the third one might seem a bit more complicated. In the latter half of the game, it requires quite a bit of timing and synchronization. The good news is that you will have more money, so you could upgrade the Dart Monkey to (0-2-5).

At the beginning of this quest, you will encounter the bloon masses rushing, so it would be a smart move to upgrade the engineer monkey to (4-0-2). This is the part where the Engineers’ upgrade comes in handy because of the massive area effects and boosts on friendly units.

If you followed this guide, these challenging quests shouldn’t have been a problem. For more tutorials about Bloons TD6, you would like to check our guide for Magus Perfectus and beating the Vortex.

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