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What Does Elite Targeting do in Bloons TD 6?

What Does Elite Targeting do in Bloons TD 6?

I heard someone say once that video games are unrealistic because if someone was attacking you, you wouldn’t automatically turn to face them. Obviously, this isn’t true, because if someone punched you in the back of the head, you’d probably want to see who it was. I bring this up to stress the importance of proper targeting, in any game, really, but especially in Bloons TD 6. Here’s how Elite targeting works in Bloons TD 6.

Remember, pull the pin, then count to three.

In Bloons TD 6, all of your tower units have what is known as “target priority.” Basically, your towers can be adjusted to target particular kinds of bloons on specific parts of the track, at least in broad strokes. First priority targets bloons furthest along the track, close priority targets bloons closest to the tower, strong priority targets the toughest bloons in range, and so on. All unit types have these seem generic priority options, but specialized units also have their own special flavors of targeting. Today, we’re discussing the Sniper Monkey’s Elite targeting. Get it? Sniper? Elite? Sniper Elite? It’s funny, laugh.

What Does Elite Targeting do in Bloons TD 6?

Elite priority targeting involves a somewhat complicated algorithm that blends some of the most important aspects of a few of the general priorities together to create an Elite-grade order of operations. Since a Sniper unit can hit pretty much any Bloon from pretty much anywhere, it places more emphasis on the strength of Bloons than their relative position.

The first and foremost target of an Elite Sniper is Ceramic Bloons. If any are present, they’re going down. When the Ceramics are down, Strong Bloons are the second-highest priority and will remain as such unless either more Ceramics show up, or a Bloon starts getting close to the end of the track. When a Bloon of any kind gets dangerously close to the end of the track, the Sniper will automatically switch it to top priority, akin to First priority targeting. So while a Sniper with Elite targeting probably couldn’t handle an entire onslaught on its own, it makes for a great chip against larger, stronger Bloons, as well as an emergency measure against stragglers.

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