Bloons TD 6 Monkey and Hero Tier List and Best Combos (Update 22)
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Bloons TD 6 Monkey and Hero Tier List and Best Combos (Update 22)

Bloons TD 6 Monkey and Hero Tier List and Best Combos

Bloons TD 6 is a tower defense game with hundreds of possible monkey and hero combinations. Each monkey has three unique upgrade paths, allowing you to experiment with many different builds. Like any tower defense game, synergy and tower placement is important, as is knowing what to build. Before you start experimenting, it’s good to get an idea of which Monkeys and Heroes are actually worth your time. Here are our Bloons TD 6 Monkey and Hero tier lists and best combinations.

We’re ranking the Monkeys based on three different factors:

  1. Value
  2. Upgrades
  3. Endgame Performance

Perhaps the most important factor is the price to performance ratio of each Monkey. Some are a bit pricey, but learning which ones are worth it can take you a long way. Setting yourself up early with a cheap combo can also save you lots of money down the line. Another thing to consider is the upgradeability. You can always sell your Monkeys later, but knowing which ones have useful upgrades will save you time. Finally, rounds get more challenging as time goes on, so you’ll want some towers that scale with difficulty. That’s where the third factor, endgame performance, comes into play.

Bloons TD 6 Tier Lists (Update 22)

Monkey Tower Tier List

Here’s a Bloons TD 6 overall tower ranking tier list:

  • S Tier: Sub Monkey, Ninja Monkey, Spike Factory, Heli Pilot, Monkey Village
  • A Tier: Boomerang Monkey, Bomb Shooter, Mortar Monkey, Glue Gunner
  • B Tier: Alchemist Monkey, Super Monkey, Monkey Ace 
  • C Tier: Tack Shooter, Ice Monkey, Buccaneer Monkey, Wizard Monkey, Dartling Gunner
  • D Tier: Sniper Monkey, Druid, Engineer Monkey
  • F Tier: Dart Monkey

Monkey Towers by Path Tier List

Here’s a Bloons TD 6 monkey tower tier list:

  • SS Tier: Alchemist (t)
  • S Tier: Bomb (m), Glue (b), Heli (m), Ninja (m), Sub (b)
  • S- Tier: Boomer (m), Sub (m), Heli (t), Ninja (t), Spike (t), Engineer (m)
  • A Tier: Boomer (m), Buccaneer (t), Druid (b), Mortar (t), Mortar (b), Super (t), Spike (b), Village (t), Village (m), Wizard (b)
  • A- Tier: Bomb (t), Tack (b), Ice (b), Sniper (t), Ace (t), Ace (m), Dartling (m), Super (b), Alchemist (m), Spike (m)
  • B Tier: Bomb (b), Boomer (t), Tack (m), Glue(m), Sub (t), Ace (b), Mortar (m), Dartling (m), Dartling (b), Wizard (t)
  • B- Tier: Dart (b), Ice (t), Ice (m), Glue (t), Sniper (b), Heli (b), Dartling (t), Ninja (b), Druid (t)
  • C Tier: Dart (t), Dart (m), Engineer (b), Engineer (t), Druid (m), Tack (t), Buccaneer (m), Wizard (m), Super (m), 
  • D Tier: Sniper (m), Alchemist (b)
  • F Tier: Buccaneer (b), Village (b)

Note that the t, m, and b means top, middle, and bottom path, respectively. In other words, this is the upgrade path you would want to max out.

Hero Tier List

Here’s our Bloons TD 6 hero tier list:

  • S Tier: Obyn Greenfoot, Pat Fusty, Ezili, Adora
  • A Tier: Benjamin, Captain Churchill, Quincy
  • B Tier: Admiral Brickell, Striker Jones 
  • C Tier: Etienne, Gwendolin

Most heroes in this game are viable, so we’d recommend picking the one you like playing most. It’s all about having fun and experimenting with different combos!

Best Combinations

Ninja, Alchemist, Super, and Spike Factory

The most powerful combo in the current meta utilizes the best value monkeys in Bloons TD 6. Starting it off, we got the Bloonjitsu and Caltrops Ninja Monkey. It’s an early game powerhouse and carries through to the endgame. Next up, and most importantly, is the Alchemist Monkey with Stronger Stimulant coupled with Faster Throwing. For the Super Monkey, we got with Sun Avatar and the powerful Knockback Ultravision combo. Finally, the Perma-Spike Spike Factory with Even Faster Production will crush any enemy in the late game.

  • Ninja Monkey: 4/0/2
  • Alchemist: 4/0/1
  • Super Monkey: 3/0/2
  • Spike Factory: 0/2/5

Adora and Ninja Monkey

One of the most powerful hero combinations in the game is Adora and the Ninja Monkey. You can throw in an alchemist for even more buffs, but it’s not a requirement. Aim to get these two going by the mid-game, which is somewhere around level 30 to 40. The main reason why this setup works is that they synergize well together, and they are cheap. You can save a ton of money for your endgame build by having these two take care of business.

  • Adora
  • Grandmaster Ninja and Caltrops: 4-0-2 for Ninja Monkey

Monkey Buccaneer and The Tack Shooter

The Carrier Flagship and Tack Shooter combination comes in at about $55,000 – $60,000. You can only use this setup on maps with water, so it’s not always viable. Placing the Tack Shooter on top of the Carrier Flagship make it an impenetrable tower that can attack Bloons anywhere on the map. Boost it with a Monkey Village with Jungle Drums for some additional damage and speed.

  • Carrier Flagship: 5-0-0 for Monkey Buccaneer
  • Tack Shooter: 0-0-5 for The Tack Zone

Spike Factory and Ice Monkey

One powerful combination is the Icicle Impale and Perma-Spike. Slowing down enemies with the Ice Monkey makes the Bloons stay on the screen longer. The Perma-Spike dishes out more damage the longer enemies are on the screen, making this an excellent combination on even the most challenging rounds.

  • Perma-Spike: 0-0-5 for Spike Factory
  • Icicle Impale + Deep Freeze: 0-0-5 for Ice Monkey

Wizard Monkey and Mortar Monkey

Combine a top path Mortar Monkey with a bottom path Wizard Monkey for some insane damage. It’s an expensive combination, but it proves deadly in rounds 80 through 100. You can set these up next to each other in the center of most maps. 

  • The Biggest One: 5-0-0 for Mortar Monkey
  • Prince of Darkness: 0-0-5 for Wizard Monkey

Sub Monkey and Ninja Monkey

Not all of the best combinations are endgame builds. Take the Sub Monkey and Ninja Monkey, for example. These two synergize very well together, with the added benefit of camo detection. Building this combination before round 15 is a great strategy. This setup works by giving the Ninja Monkey advanced intel, allowing the Sub Monkey to attack Bloons near the Ninja. Don’t throw too much money into this setup because it won’t be useful past round 30 to 40.

  • Submerge and Support and Triple Guns: 2-0-2 for Sub Monkey
  • Sharp Shurikens and Caltrops: 1-0-1 for Ninja Monkey

Bookmark this page if you found it helpful, because we’ll be updating it as time goes on.

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