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What is CHIMPS Mode in Bloons TD 6?

What is CHIMPS Mode in Bloons TD 6?

A common notion of modern gaming is that it’s gotten much easier than it was 20-plus years ago. There’s certainly some truth to that; the advent of things like in-game tutorials has smoothed out many a game. But just because games are easier overall doesn’t mean there’s a lack of difficulty out there. You just gotta have the guts to turn it on first. On that subject, what is CHIMPS mode in Bloons TD 6?

Bloons TD 6 has the standard three difficulty settings of Easy, Medium, and Hard, but within those three blanket settings are a variety of difficulty permutations. For instance, one of the most straightforward permutations of Hard difficulty is Impoppable, wherein you can’t get any extra lives and towers cost much more. If you can beat a map on Impoppable difficulty, however, you unlock one final challenge: CHIMPS mode.

What is CHIMPS Mode in Bloons TD 6?

“C.H.I.M.P.S.” is actually an acronym detailing the mode’s limitations. It stands for No Continues, Hearts lost, Income, Monkey Knowledge, Powers, or Selling. Here’s a breakdown of what that actually means:

  • No Continues: Lose the challenge, you’re donezo, no do-overs. You’ll have to try again from the start.
  • No Hearts lost: No extra lives, just like Impoppable. You’re one and done.
  • No Income: All means of generating money aside from popping bloons are completely off the table. Even money-generating towers will just sit there and do nothing. 
  • No Monkey Knowledge: Any benefits and bonuses you’d normally gain from Monkey Knowledge points and the skill tree are disabled. You’re doing this one vanilla.
  • No Powers: All powers, including Insta-Monkeys, are off-limits. There will be no shortcuts to bloon popping here, no sir.
  • No Selling: Buy and place a tower, and it’s there forever. No selling it off to get your money back, though you can use Support Chinook’s Reposition ability to move them around.

So if you think the traditional difficulty settings on the game are too straightforward, or perhaps you just hate yourself, you can dare to give CHIMPS mode a swing.

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