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BitLife: How to Get a University Scholarship

It beats taking out a loan.
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College isn’t for everyone. It can be high-pressure, and it might not give you the right kind of guidance you need in life. More importantly, though, it’s really gosh-darned expensive. If you can’t pay out of pocket and don’t want a loan (and I don’t blame you), your only option is to excel enough in grade school to get a scholarship. Here’s how to get a university scholarship in BitLife.

BitLife: How to Get a University Scholarship

Just like in real life, there are two ways you can secure a scholarship to your university of choice: either be really smart or be really good at sports. In either case, you’re going to want to decide on your route the moment you’re born, because you’re going to have to commit to it whole-heartedly the whole way through.

Academic Scholarships

Getting an academic university scholarship in BitLife is all about the Smarts stats. You gotta do whatever you can to raise those Smarts, and you gotta do it all the time. You need to read books whenever you can, go to the library whenever you can, and ace all of your grade school classes. You can make this process a bit easier if you re-roll a character with naturally high Smarts.

When you finish high school, you’ll get the option to apply for a scholarship before selecting a university. While having high Smarts doesn’t guarantee your success here, it will raise your odds of being accepted exponentially.

Sports Scholarships

To get a sports university scholarship in BitLife, you need to be a major contributing member of a sports team in both middle school and high school. Once you get into middle school, you should be able to join a sports team for an extracurricular activity. Any kind of sport is fine, be it basketball, baseball, football, or whatever else. If and when you get on the team, you need to make sure to play in games regularly, as well as reapply to the same team once you get to high school.

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In addition to playing on a team, you also need to ensure you’re in prime physical shape. Visit the gym and take regular walks to bolster your Athletic skills. This will ensure you become the ace of your team of choice. Again, try to roll a character with high base physical stats; if your athleticism is too low, you won’t qualify for a scholarship.

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Once you graduate high school, assuming you stayed in prime shape and maintained your position on the team, you’ll receive a sports university scholarship automatically.

One last word of warning for either type of scholarship: make sure your record stays squeaky clean for your entire school career. If you end up with a criminal record, your chances of securing any kind of scholarship will plummet decisively. It won’t be impossible, but it’ll be highly unlikely.

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