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How to Become a Billionaire in Bitlife – Get Super Rich

Time to start browsing for diamond-studded swimming pools.
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If I knew how to become a billionaire in real life, I probably wouldn’t have a job. I’d just hide all my money under my mattress and spend the rest of my life doing nothing. Unfortunately, I don’t know how to become a billionaire in real life, so that’s off the table. I do know how to do it in BitLife, though!

Here’s how to become a billionaire in BitLife.

How to Become a Billionaire in Bitlife

Obviously, the primary component in becoming a billionaire is working a high-paying job, and out of every job you can get in BitLife, the most consistently high-paying is a movie star. This means that when you’re creating your character, you’re gonna want someone with high scores in looks and smarts. You’re gonna need a face for TV and a mind for scholarships.

What Country do you make the Most Money in BitLife?

Excellent question! If money’s the goal, your country of choice should be Monaco. Monaco doesn’t have any income taxes, so any wealth you accrue in your eventual career as a movie star will be completely unfettered. I hear it’s lovely this time of year.

Once you get your life going, age up until you’re eight so you can enroll in acting lessons, located under the Mind and Body tab in Activities. You can also practice your acting skills independently and should do this regularly while you work your way through high school. Make sure to keep those grades and looks up by studying and hitting the gym!

After high school, go find yourself a Talent Agent under the Actor tab of the Special Careers menu. You’ll need some cash to hire them first, so you might need to work a couple of quick part-time jobs. Once you’ve got an agent, you can start applying to auditions under the Actor tab. If your acting skills are sufficient, you’ll start getting roles, which will start raising your cash and popularity.

Speaking of popularity, don’t forget to make liberal use of social media features. If you get your name out there and don’t cause any controversies, you’ll raise your popularity further, which in turn will make you eligible for bigger, better-acting roles.

Image via Candywriter

Once you’ve got a few million in the bank, start buying some fancy properties around town. As long as you can afford the upkeep, these properties will continue to bring in income for you. As you make more money, you can buy more expensive properties, but be careful not to hold more real estate than you can manage.

At this point, all you need to do is maintain your fame by staying healthy and regularly appearing in movies and talk shows, and your combined income from that and your properties should bring you past the billionaire threshold. Time to start browsing for diamond-studded swimming pools.

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