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Best Tomes in Fire Emblem Engage, Ranked

Kit out your very best mage units with the very best weapons in the game to unleash their full potential!
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Fire Emblem Engage will keep you busy with the customization and building up of its units across its runtime. With some of its most fundamental aspects coming from how exactly to best kit them up with the most handy of equipment pieces best suited to each and every one of them, this is a great starting point to set them up in hitting their full potential in the long-run.

Here’s a nifty rundown for the specific Tomes you should look out for in Fire Emblem Engage when it comes to absolutely destroying the competition with your Mage units for today then!

Best Tomes in Fire Emblem Engage, Ranked

Below you will find a table of all the Tomes available in the game, ranked by their given quality as indicated by its own in-game description. With the very best of them being obtainable only at given times – the highest graded one in the S tier coming from Chapter 23 when defeating Griss, for example – other lower ranking ones will be more readily available.

The rule of thumb tends to be exactly this – get rewarded with higher quality weapons and gear by clearing chapters. Alternatively, manually strengthen your weapons via mechanics such as Forging that is available in the Somniel.

Weapon Type: TomeGrade
Thoron, Bolganone, ThunderA
Obsurite, Elsurge, Elthunder, ElfireB
Excalibur, ElwindC
Wind, Fire, SurgeD

For the table below, we have comprised up the remaining Tomes available in the game – that of the Emblem Ring exclusive ones. These are completely fixed onto the Emblem characters that they are linked to, therefor take note of which matchups work best for the units in your team to make them hit as hard as they possibly can.

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Weapon Type: Engage TomesGrade
Celica’s RagnarokS
Micaiah’s ThaniA
Micaiah’s NosferatuB
Celica’s SeraphimC
Micaiah’s ShineD

That is it with this particular guide. For any further help with the game, check out our other guide pieces such as Fire Emblem Engage – When to Promote Your Classes or Fire Emblem Engage – Maddening Fixed Growths Explained. Finally, follow Gamer Journalist on Facebook to stay updated with all of the latest content here!

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