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Fire Emblem Engage – Best Emblem Pairings Guide

A form of matching up is always a delight for the franchise
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In Fire Emblem Engage, players will be actively engaging with both the past and present as old Heroes (or iconic characters) of the long-running series makes a return as an exclusive gameplay mechanic in its latest mainline entry. Despite all of them getting actively paired up with the new characters of Engage’s world, some tweaking of said matchups make for better usages of the returning characters’ abilities, boosts and other elements.

Best Emblem Pairings in Fire Emblem Engage

Emblem CharacterBest Character Unit Pair Up
MarthAny characters with proficiency in sword wielding (eg. Alear) OR
Characters that fall in the Covert type to benefit from the evasion boost
SigurdAny characters with proficiency in lance wielding (eg. Alfred) and preferably on horseback
CelicaAny characters with proficiency in magic (eg. Celine)
MicaiahBest suits Qi Adept units who can benefit from their healing abilities becoming wider reaching (eg. Framme)
RoyTanky units such as Armored (eg. Jade) can be powered up with Roy’s benefits in health and survivability boosting traits complimenting their defensive nature
LeifBeing a versatile warrior, pair Leif up with units who have proficiency with a range of weapons (eg. Diamant)
LynFlying units benefit most from Lyn’s evasion and counter boosts (eg. Chloe)
LucinaHer focus on supportive/dual attacks makes her a suitable match-up with backline units such as Archers (eg. Alcryst)
IkeTanky Ike matches up perfectly with units with the biggest HP pool (eg. Louis) since his abilities capitalises on soaking up damage as much as possible
BylethExtremely situation/supportive unit means for being best suited with backline units such as healers (eg. Jean)
CorrinAnother more supportive unit with debuffing/stacking abilities. Works best with Covert units (eg. Yunaka)
EirikaSimilar to both Roy and Ike, Eirika’s Emblem thrives when taking on more damage then dishing out – best paired up with Armored units as a result.

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