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Fire Emblem Engage – When to Promote Your Classes

All about Classes.
Four characters from Fire Emblem Engage on field.
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Each character in Fire Emblem Engage has a specialization and class. The deep tactical RPG wouldn’t be so interesting without classes which differentiate the characters from one another. The characters have a set class by default. It’s your task to upgrade or promote the classes for the betterment of the characters.

Option of managing and improving classes is not very user friendly. Here is everything you need to know about characters classes and how to promote them in the game.

Fire Emblem Engage – When to Promote Your Classes

There are two types of classes in the game. We have the Basic class including Archer, Axe Cavalier, Axe Fighter, and more. The Advanced class makes up the second category, which encompasses Avenir, Berserker, Bow Knight, and more. However, the category of a class doesn’t affect the promotion process.

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How and when to promote Character Classes

You would want to promote your character’s class after they reach level 10. To promote a class, use the Master Seal. You can purchase this item from the in-game stores for 2500 Gold.

After your character is ready and meets all the requirements for their class promotion, click on the Menu. Select the character who you want to promote. You will notice a drop-down menu appears. Select the Class Change option at the end of the list. You will get multiple classes to choose from. Assign a new class to complete the process. You would probably want to choose an Advanced class here.

That’s all. You can now successfully change or promote your character’s class.

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