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Best Sigil Powers in Immortals of Aveum

Best powers for your Sigil Gauntlet
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Immortals of Aveum is a game with an interesting twist to a first-person shooter genre. Namely, instead of bullets, our main character uses magic to propel into his enemies. This is not a new concept in first-person shooters, but it’s been a decade since I played games like Heretic and Hexen.

The main character is Jak, and he’s a mage. Actually, his full title is Immortal Magnus, and he can use special gauntlets called Sigils to borrow energy from the surroundings. Jak can harness the borrowed energy to create three types of magic. The magic types are color-coded, so you have Blue, Red, and Green magic. Each of these magics represents a different category of power.

Sigils in this game are like weapons in FPS games, and Jak can equip them to change the basic stats of his attacks. Sigils can improve damage, fire rate, types of elemental ammo, and so on. This list will rank all nine Sigils powers you can use in Immortals of Aveum.

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Immortals of Aveum Sigils Ranked

9) Javelin

Javelin is a damage-dealing power, but that power has its price. Javelin is a Blue Magic spell and it quite literally creates a glowing weapon in the Jak’s palm. This magical javelin is very tough to create and show, and it doesn’t fly accurately because of that. Javelin has a high damage output but low ammo and accuracy. An exemplar of a Javelin Sigil is a Kleylish Javelin with high attack statistics but with low ammo.

8) Fragfire

Fragfire belongs to the Red Magic, which is the most powerful of the three. It is indeed a powerful Sigil but is tampered with by low ammo and accuracy. The closest classical weapon to Fragfire would be a missile launcher, which means it is very powerful but very sparse in ammo and slow to reload. Atava is a legendary Sigil with wide-casting red fireballs and impressive damage output.

7) Arclight

Arclight is a Blue Magic spell that is very similar to the first spell you will get in the game, Strikebolt. Arclight fires a concentrated beam of energy at enemies, similar to Death Star or Cyclops from X-Men. Compared to Strikebolt, Arclight has a longer range, which is good for distance control but bad for accuracy. Serene Arclight Sigil has lower ammo but much higher attack power compared to Strikebolt.

6) Burstfire

It appears that there aren’t many differences between Burstfire and Fragfire. Both rely on fire, have short ranges, and deal significant damage. However, because Burstfire has a larger area of effect up close, it performs significantly better. Burstfire spells are similar to grenades found in other shooters like Call of Duty, although they can’t inflict harm on Jak upon recoil. An example of a Sigil that increases damage in the vicinity and has the potential to bypass shield spells is Pentadi Burstfire.

5) Stormshards

In the game, Stormshards are the fundamental type of Green Magic. These are little green projectiles with what appears to be some sort of homing ability. The Emerald Splash projectiles from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure series are somewhat similar to this attack. Compared to other spells, Stormshards’ attack power is often lower, but in exchange, it has a higher ammo capacity and a higher fire rate, especially with Sigils like The Gale.

4) Strikebolt

The first spell that players will find in the game is called Strikebolt. This spell belongs to Blue Magic, and it shoots a long, blue projectile that resembles a sniper bullet in other shooters. However, like with other spells in the game, targets cannot be zoomed in on. With its long range and ease of use, Strikebolt can quickly and precisely locate targets on adversaries to eliminate them. Moreover, Sigils like Eruption Strikebolt can break through enemies’ shield spells.

3) Malestrom

Malestrom is a Green Magic attack, and it is one of the coolest abilities in the game. When it’s activated, Malestrom manifests in the shape of numerous projectiles that resemble prayer beads. These beads can be fired in rapid mode, similar to a machine gun. This Sigil has the lowest attack power but a very big ammo capacity and fire rate. Gilded Maelstrom Sigil is the best recommendation to use with this ability.

2) Breachfire

In Immortals of Aveum, players should focus on the Red Magic spell Breachfire. Due to its short range, it is more akin to a physical attack — think Force Push from the Star Wars. During violent confrontations, it can attack numerous foes at once, force them back, and provide Jak with a strong protective wall. The Sigil we would recommend for this ability is Searing Breachfire because it gives six shots.

1) Seekshards

Seekshards provide players with strong protection, making them the greatest assault spell in the game. Regular Stormshards are marketed as home-seeking projectiles that target current targets, but that property belongs to Seekshards

Players can use Seekshards to duck behind walls, shoot a few blasts from Radiant Seekshards Sigils, and then retreat to evade counterattacks. As with all Green Magic, power is limited, but it’s far outweighed by the other benefits.

Immortals of Aveum allows players to use magical items and magical powers in a manner of first-person shoot games. For more related content, check out Bloons Tower Defense 6 Best Monkey Powers or Roblox Blade Ball Ability Tier List – All Abilities, Ranked

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