Best Power Siphon Build – Path of Exile

Have you ever wanted to siphon your power? Check this out.
Path of Exile Power Siphon Build
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Power Siphon currently is one of the most interesting late-game builds currently in Path of Exile. Technically it’s an easy class to play and can clear every kind of content almost effortlessly. Now let’s go over the nitty-gritty details of the best Power Siphon build currently.

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There are a handful of ways to build a Power Siphon character but we want to get someone who will excel at speed, damage over time, and intelligence; the best example of a character that does this is the Shadow Trickster. Since the Trickster rework back in 2022 the most popular builds with him are focused around damage over time skills combined with his Patient Reaper ascendancy.

Best Power Siphon Build – Path of Exile

Power Siphon Basics

The best Power Siphon build in Path of Exile is going to revolve mostly around the Power Siphon skill and the survivability of the Trickster. To get started you need to equip a wand. Once that is done we can build that piece around the skill. Power Siphon fires projectiles from the wand that will seek out an enemy, if the enemy is killed it grants a power charge. A power charge grants the user a temporary buff in intelligence which increases the power of all of your skills.

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Now from here, it’s all about gathering the other gems to accompany the main skill.

  • Elemental Damage with Attacks – 10% increased elemental damage with attack skills
  • Damage on Full Life – Supported Damage attack skills deal 34% more damage while on full health.
  • Barrage Support – Allows supported skill to fire sequentially.
  • Energy Leech – Supported skill deals 10% increased damage while leeching energy shield.
  • Awakened Lightning Penetration – Gives you a 10% chance to create lightning exposure on hit.

These are what you want to slot onto your wand that is linked with Power Siphon.

Combining all of this with the Tricksters Patient Reaper, which grants increased life, mana, and energy shield recovery on each kill will make you an almost invincible assassin.

The Equipment

The Power Siphon skill will be the main damage skill you will use for the whole game. We’ve had no issues clearing all of the content that Path of Exile has to offer. T16 maps, Elderslayers, Shaper Guardians, Mavens Invitation, Sirus, Blighted T16, and all bosses for example.

Now, we wouldn’t say that this is a league-starting build since it can get pretty expensive to buy the right gems or equipment you want. If you can swing it, purchasing a Headhunter belt will tie everything together. Besides that, just make sure to stack evasion and intelligence percentage as much as possible, it’s pretty flexible.

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