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Roblox Blade Ball Ability Tier List – All Abilities, Ranked

The ball is life, but the abilities are essence.
Blade Ball Codes
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Blade Ball is a ROBLOX variant of dodgeball. In this game, you have to deflect the ball and move it towards the other players. When you see the ball turning red, that means it’s your turn to deflect it. Failing to deflect the ball results in death. If you manage to hit other players with the ball, you will receive coins.

Those coins can be used for buying abilities. Different abilities can give you the upper hand on the battlefield by deploying various offensive and defensive properties. We divided the abilities into Tier Lists, which are graded from the best to the worst.

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Blade Ball Ability Tier List

Based on their usefulness, the Blade Ball abilities are ranked in five categories: Overpowered, Excellent, Good, Average, and Underwhelming. There are no bad abilities since each of them can be useful, but some of the abilities are clearly better than others. Without further ado, let’s start with the Overpowered category.

Overpowered Abilities (S-Tier)

  • Pulse ability – the best ability in the game. This ability releases a pulse, which disables the abilities for a short time. It is very expensive, 10,000 coins, and it has two upgrades that extend the disable time.
  • Infinity ability – this ability makes an aura that locks the ball in place if it hits you. In order to get Infinity, you have to either spin the wheel and come up on the Effect Bundle or purchase both premium packs twice apiece.
  • Reaper (passive) ability that makes you and the ball faster every time you kill another player. You can stack up to five Reapers, and you can upgrade this twice.

Excellent Abilities (A-Tier)

  • Pull abilityforces the ball to target you. It costs 5,000 and has two upgrades.
  • Forcefield abilitydeflects the ball automatically during its duration. It costs 2000 coins and has two upgrades.

Good Abilities (B-Tier)

  • Rapture ability – slashes the ball upwards, which gives it more curvature and power. You can only obtain it at the Wheel.
  • Phantom ability – stalks target players and slows them down.
  • Raging Deflect ability – greatly increases the ball’s speed upon deflection. It costs 4,000 with two upgrades.
  • Invisibility ability – quite self-explanatory; it makes the player invisible for a duration. It costs 800 coins.
  • Wind Cloak ability – creates a wind aura that boosts speed and jumps for a long time. It comes with the price of 2000 coins.
  • Thunder Dash ability – makes you teleport at the speed of thunder towards players, and it costs 1200 coins.
  • Phase Bypass ability – makes you phase out of reality and move at godlike speed before anchoring back to a place. The only way to get this ability is via Cyber Pack.
  • Freeze abilityfreezes the ball for five seconds or until it’s parried. It costs 2000 coins and has two upgrades.
  • Shadow Step ability – makes you move so fast the shadow after-images appear. It only lasts for a couple of seconds, and it costs 1600 coins.
  • Blink ability – allows you to teleport three times before cooldown. It has two upgrades.
  • Dash ability – makes you move quickly in a certain direction. This ability is free and has two cheap upgrades.

Average Abilities (C-Tier)

  • Swap ability – makes you switch your place with another player after a short windup. It comes with two upgrades.
  • Telekinesis ability– it will stop the ball in its track and make it change the target, making the ball faster. It costs 5,000 coins, and you can upgrade it twice.
  • Super Jump ability – makes you jump extraordinarily high. It is very cheap, costs 300 coins, and you can upgrade it twice.

Underwhelming Abilities (D-Tier)

  • Waypoint ability – places a maker on the ground, which you can reuse the ability to teleport back to the maker. You can obtain this ability in the Ultimate Blade Pack.
  • Quad Jump ability – makes the player jump four times instead of two.
  • Platform ability – creates, obviously, a platform to stand on in the atmosphere.

ROBLOX Blade Ball abilities will help you tackle the game by giving you some really useful power-ups. For more Blade Ball-related content, check out Blade Ball Codes (November 2023).

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