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Best Ruby Locations in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom – TOTK Ruby Farming Guide

Find those precious red gemstones.
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Getting Rubies in Tears of the Kingdom is pretty straightforward one might say. You just need to farm Rare Ore Deposits and you’ll get plenty of them soon enough, right? Well even though that’s partially true, it isn’t helping us optimize our Ruby farming.

When we look for certain minerals like Ruby we would like to carry out a more accurate and efficient tactic that can give us the most Rubies in a short period of time. In our exploration of Tears of the Kingdom we’ve come up with a couple of solutions to this so dive in if you want to see how you too can farm some Rubies.

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What are the Best Ways of Getting Rubies in Tears of the Kingdom?

As you probably know the Ruby is acquired by breaking Rare Ore Deposits throughout the world of Tears of the Kingdom. So your best way to get some of these precious stones is to be aware of which locations can give you the highest number of Rare Ores.

Puffer Beach Overhead Cave Location. Screenshot by Gamer Journalist/Zelda Dungeon
Sahasra Slope Caves Location. Screenshot by Gamer Journalist/Zelda Dungeon
Yiga Clan Maritta Branch Location. Screenshot by Gamer Journalist/Zelda Dungeon

If you roam around the caves of Great Sky Island and Hyrule you should be able to find yourself a great number of Rare Ore Deposits. Additionally, some remote caves such as Yiga Clan Maritta Branch, two Sahasra Slope Caves, or Puffer Beach Overhead Cave have plenty of Rare Ore Deposits. Further, you can find a good deal of them in and around Death Mountain and the Depths (if you dwell there).

In case you do like exploring the Depths, keep in mind that Rare Ore Deposits will be more common there than they are on the surface or in the sky. You will encounter many monster-held small bases where you can find Rare Ores. Defeat them first and you’ll get access to the precious treasure.

Note: Many caves that you explore won’t have these Rare Ores just sitting around. Instead, they will be hidden behind cracked walls that you need to break in order to get access to the most precious Ores.

How to Maximize Your Chances of Getting a Ruby From Rare Ore Deposit?

As well all know there is no guarantee that you will get a Ruby (or any other precious stone) when you break the Rare Ore Deposit as the drop is random. However, there is a strategy that you can use to maximize the chances of getting Rubies.

Each time before you break an Ore save your progress and then break it. If the drop isn’t Ruby, reload the game and try again. This can take a little more time but it’s a foolproof tactic for getting Rubies.

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