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Best Diamond Locations in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom – TOTK Diamond Farming Guide

Diamonds are forever! Or until you sell them.
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Diamonds are the most valuable ore you can find in Tears of the Kingdom as they can be sold for at least 500 Rupees. You can also fuse them in your equipment such as armor or your weapons for +25 damage but no other elemental effects.

Due to their value, many players were interested in the best way to farm and pile them up in their inventory. However, as you can expect every precious item is also pretty rare. Still, we have discovered some tricks that can help you farm more Diamonds in Tears of the Kingdom so read on to learn them.

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Tips for Getting Diamonds in Tears of the Kingdom (TotK)

There are a couple of advice that you can follow if you want to up your Diamond farming game. None of them are straightforward but are efficient at getting you more diamonds for whatever purposes you might need.

Farming Diamonds

The first and most obvious way of getting diamonds is to farm them on the map. But, since Diamonds come from Rare ore deposits that always give out a random mineral, we can’t be 100% sure what we’re getting when we break those.

Screenshot by Gamer Journalist/Zelda Dungeon

Nevertheless, the area around the Death Mountain has proven to be rich in Rare ore deposits so our first advice is that you head over there and look for these ores both in the mountain and on its borders. Rare ore deposits will always have a golden shine so that’s how you’ll recognize them from afar.

Even though you won’t be able to tell what mineral you’ll be getting from the Rare ore, there is a trick that you can use to maximize your Diamond drop. Right before you break an ore, save your progress. If the drop is not a diamond, reset and break the same ore again. You can do that until you get a Diamond. Repeat this process for all Rare ores you find and you’ll find yourself with plenty of Diamonds soon enough.

Buying Diamonds

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In case you have amassed plenty of Rupees and wish to get some Diamonds without too much struggle you can always buy Diamonds for yourself. Head over to Goron City and visit the shop. The merchant there will be selling three Diamonds at a time at the price of 1000 Rupees each. You can buy them all, leave the area, have an in-game 24-hour rest, and come back. They should have more Diamonds to sell when you arrive.

Tips for Selling Diamonds in Tears of the Kingdom

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If you are looking to profit from the Diamonds you find, you’d probably want to get the best price possible. Even though the regular selling price for a single Diamond is 500 Rupees, you can get more out of it if you play smartly.

Go to Gerudo Town and look for Ramella. She is a merchant that buys minerals in bulk and each time you talk to her she will ask you to sell her 10 units of different minerals. Engage in conversation with her as many times as needed before she asks you to sell her 10 Diamonds. Proceed with the transaction and you should be able to get more than 500 Rupees per Diamond you sell.

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