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Best 7 Ready or Not Maps

What are the best places for chaos?
Ready or Not Neon
Image via VOID Interactive

If you’re a Ready of Not play, then chances are you’ve been to some extremely strange and most times off-putting places. Though Ready or Not is pretty limited in the maps it offers players to engage in, coming in at around 12, give or take, there are seven that do the best job of driving the game’s premise forward. Whether they look cool or just feel odd, some definitely stand out from the crowd. So, let’s talk about the 7 best Ready or Not maps!

Best 7 Ready or Not Maps

Fast Food

Starting out this list is a personal favorite of mine. The Fast Food level is great because of the fact that it’s such a small space. Combat here is extremely tense because of it, and chaos can run high. It reminds me of Pay Day 2’s maps.

Valley of the Dolls

Another insanely intense level is Valley of the Dolls, but this is mostly attributed to the ominousness of the building you’re in. You’re basically at a big mansion during a child’s birthday party. It is seriously messed up being here in this situation.

Brissa Cove

The Brissa Cove map is a great one as it’s a pretty residential location, though it takes place at nighttime. It’s very dark and the only light you get in most cases is from the street, pouring through window shades. It’s tense for sure.

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Gas Station

I really like the Gas Station map because it’s just really well made. It reminds me of the truckstops that anyone pulls over to for a quick break from the road. That makes it equally as uncomfortable to play in, as it’s pretty realistic.

Wenderly Hills Hotel

This is a fantastic map to play if you want sprawling grounds to sweep. It’s also multi-dimensional in terms of the way the map changes. You have a decrepit, broken-down hotel on one hand and on the other, a building under construction. It’s definitely well thought out.

213 Park Homes

Perhaps the bleakest location, 213 Park Homes is an abandoned building that shows the horrors that’s happened within it, being taken over by squatters that are very much so down on their luck. It’s a harrowing map because it highlights the unfortunate state of homelessness and drug addiction in the United States.

Cherryessa Farm

A map that’s just very easy on the eyes is the Cherryessa Farm. More of a vineyard than a farm, at least in presentation, this location shows off just how great the lighting in Ready or Not is, making many areas in it look lifelike. It’s also very pretty on the grounds too.

Well, so are the best 7 maps in Ready or Not! If you liked this, then be sure to check out some more of our content, such as “What are the Best Mods for Ready or Not?”. And feel free to like Gamer Journalist on Facebook for even more great content like this!

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