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The 5 Best Path of Exile Builds

Need ideas for your hero? Check out these five.
Path of Exile 5 best builds
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Path of Exile got a lot of attention from RPG fans in the previous years and with Path of Exile 2 coming in 2023, it will get even more. This Diablo-like RPG is exciting for numerous reasons, but one of the main ones is definitely the versatility of the characters themselves and the ability for you to customize their strengths to your choosing. These different builds can offer a really exciting gaming experience and that’s why we decided to cover 5 of the best Path of Exile builds for you to try.

Best Builds in Path of Exile

Different skills and spells as well as their buffs will be obtained through various skill gems and the Passive Skill Tree. This is why it’s vital that you pay attention each time you spend a point in the Passive Skill Tree and when you choose skill and support gems combo.

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5. Elemental Hit Build

When you pick up the Witch class the best thing to go for is the Elemental Hit build. This build will allow you to manipulate the Fire, Cold, and Lightning elements to damage your enemies. However, pay attention to the resistance your enemies have (especially bosses) and try to attack with an opposite spell (for example if a unit is resistant to fire damage, use cold or lightning instead).

In order to make this easier, you should focus on using the Elemental Hit attack skill that randomly switches between each of the three element-type attacks making sure your enemies don’t survive. Added bonus is that the Elemental Hit deals AoE damage so it is great for clearing out dungeons and beating bosses.

4. Vigilant Strike Build

For a Vigilant Strike build you would have to use a melee weapon. This melee attack skill has a very high base attack and always guarantees a hit. It also applies Fortify buff that will reduce your damage taken by 20%. However, Vigilant Strike does have a downside and that’s the added CD on your basic attacks. To overcome this issue you can spend Endurance charges.

When active, endurance charges will buff you up and further reduce the damage taken, once spent to refresh the attack they will disappear. This is why the whole Vigilant Strike build is revolving around your ability to get as many of these charges as possible so you could deal with your mighty blows as often as you wish. A tanky hero with a strong single attack is the name of the game here.

3. Raging Spirit Build

Minion builds are always fun to play around with and Raging Spirit Build is no different. You will need to be a Necromancer for this build and will need to get Summon Raging Spirit spell. When getting equipment and skills in your Passive Skill Tree make sure you always think about two things: minon damage output and hero HP/Resistance/Life regen.

When using this build you won’t be focusing on your hero’s damage. Instead, minions will do the dirty work while you only need to make sure to dodge enemy attacks, stay alive, and resummon minions whenever necessary.

2. Tectonic Slam Build

Pick a Marauder and build him up toward Chieftan class for this build. You will need to work on the AoE attack skill called Tectonic Slam which literally allows you to slam the ground in a cone and damage everybody in its path. This fissure will branch out to smaller fissures and really reach out to a bigger number of enemies than you could expect.

When it comes to choosing items and passives in the Passive Skill Tree go for options that would tank you up and build up on Endurance charges in order to sustain even more damage. Lastly, think about some single-target damage spells (you can focus on having one strong one) to utilize for boss fights.

1. Lacerate Build

Lacerate build can work with any class that prioritizes Dexterity and even a pure strength unit such as Marauder. Lacerate is actually an attack skill that performs two slashes, one to the right and one to the left, and allows you to branch it two ways. If you want to inflict bleeding on your enemies use the Blood Stance, but if you think you would benefit more from a wider reach with your melee weapons take the Sand Stance.

The main trick here would be to catch your main opponent in the middle of your slashes so they always get hit by both. By taking the Blood Stance, you will definitely be putting more damage onto them and this can even be effectively used to bring down bosses.

We hope you enjoyed our guide on the 5 best Path of Exile builds. For more information about Path of Exile see our pieces about the best places to farm currency and the guide for trading. Follow Gamer Journalist on Facebook and keep yourself updated with the latest gaming news.

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