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Best pets to adopt in Fire Emblem Engage Guide

The best part of any game, right?
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Fire Emblem Engage features a range of activities to do across its hub world of Somniel, including a stable you can house adoptable animals in. With 24 animal types in total to come across, players can adopt all of them and as many as they may want. There is however a maximum amount to allow out of the stable to graze that results in these items/resource drops.

To help you choose which animals of the five slots available you should prioritize, here’s a handy list of all animals and their resources, with those in bolt being notable helpful, either due to the rarity of the drops or for the variety of items one type tends to drop. This list is in alphabetical order, not in the order of encounters.

AnimalReward Drops
Aura EagleBeef
Black Elyosian DogIron / Silver / Steel Ingot
Brodian CatHerring
Calisson ChickenEggs
Eastern FreecatSalmon
Elusian CatCod
Elyosian DogIron / Steel / Silver Ingot
Elyosian PigeonNuts
Elyosian SeagullNuts
Elyosian SheepMilk
Firenese CatCarp
Hop RabbitBerries
Iris OwlBerries
Mère DonkeyRare Vegetables
Northern FreecatFish
Panna CamelBeans
Wheat Flour
Rutile MarmotRare Fruit
White Elyosian DogIron / Steel / Silver Ingot
Solmic CatEel
Southern FreecatSalmon
Tartu FlamingoRare Fish
Vervain DeerRare Vegetables
Western FreecatSardines
White Hop RabbitBerries
Western FreecatSardines

Cats and birds tend to drop the most common resources, since Nuts are frequently at pick-up points across Somniel, and Cats are quite negated as a necessity since players can simply fish for the food items they drop.

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As a further tip with those in bold, here are where you can find each animal who will prove the most beneficial to adopt sooner rather than later. Some of these locations will only open up to you later down the line in its storyline once its world map opens up:

  • Aura Eagle – Brodia
  • Black Elyosian Dog – Across Elyos
  • Elyosian Dog – Across Elyos
  • Iris Owl – Elusia
  • Mère Donkey – Firene
  • Panna Camel – Solm
  • Rutile Marmot – Brodia
  • White Elyosian Dog – Across Elyos
  • Tartu Flamingo – Solm
  • Vervain Deer – Elusia

That’s everything you need to know about the best way to adopt animals in Fire Emblem Engage.

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