Best Palworld Mods: Better Graphics, Unlocked World, Increased FOV, And More

Ready for some mods?
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Yea, I know, the game doesn’t have its full release yet, and we’re already talking about mods. But with the big popularity comes a big modding community, which has always been the case.

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Outside the Pokemon mod controversy that we covered, there are plenty of other mods out there aimed at improving the game, adding more options for you, or simply making it more fun. Whatever you might be looking to get, check out our list of best Palworld mods, and you can bet that there are some that you are going to like!

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Top Mods for Palworld

Everything Unlocked Mod

Everything unlocked mod Palworld
Image by vlvx

As the name says, this mod will unlock everything for your character. You’ll get all Pals in the Paldeck as well as all Technology and Ancient Technology unlocked. The mod is actually a savegame file, and if you’ve ever done this savefile with older games like GTA, you’ll know what to expect.

The modder called vlvx created 2 versions of this mod, one for a Female character and one for a Male character. Follow the instructions given by the modder if you want to make sure that your mod works as intended.

World Settings Limits Mod

World limits mod Palworld
Image by Vuxacha

The World Settings Limits mod made by Vuxacha increases the limit of all world settings to 1000 and allows you to put some at 0. This means that you can edit things like Structure deterioration rates and Gatherable item multipliers and boost them significantly.

Even though the potential of this mod might not be visible right off the bat, plenty of fun things can be done with this as you keep changing settings and trying them out.

Enhanced Palworld Visuals Mod

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  • Enhanced-visuals-mod-Palworld-1

When you install the Enhanced Palworld Visuals mod by FrancisLouis, you feel like your eyes just got a graphics driver update. Whether you wanna look at the mountains that are miles away or a nearby hill, the details this mod provides are stunning!

The grass, trees, Pals, and even hair on your character look better with this upgraded mod. I would say that everybody should install this one ASAP. Just make sure your system can handle it. Check out the gallery above for before and after.

FOV Improved Mod

Themodder Mekichan666 created PALWORLD FOV CHANGES 70-150 mod, and it does exactly what it says – increases or decreases your Field of Vision (FOV), whichever you prefer. You can work with any FOV from 70 to 150, and even though it allows you to narrow down your vision, I don’t see why anybody would do that.

Expanding your vision with an FOV option in settings is one of my favorite things in many games because I love having a big overview of the situation when I play any action-packed game.

That’s that for our mod list (for now). As new mods appear, we will make sure to update our list and give you some new recommendations.

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