How to Set up Pokemon Mod in Palworld

Is Pokemon mod in Palworld possible?
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Ever since Palworld saw the first light of day, players were wondering whether there was going to be a Pokemon mod. People quickly went as far as guessing which Pal would be which Pokemon in the possible mod.

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However, there has been plenty of publicity for this game due to its similarity to Pokemon lore, and people are expecting that Nintendo will sue anyone who creates anything resembling their precious Pokemon brand (including modders).

So, is there a Pokemon mod for Palworld, and how do you set it up? Keep reading to learn more.

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How to Install Pokemon Mod for Palworld

Truth be told, there isn’t any Pokemon mod for Palworld currently available. Having said that, the mods are obviously being made but still not published due to the fear of what Nintendo might do.

One popular modder, Toasted, posted on X (previously Twitter) that he made the Pokemon mod and advertised it with a trailer video on YouTube but then had it removed by Nintendo due to copyright issues. After that, he said that he would revise his strategy since he wanted to release the mod for free for everyone but still be safe from the lawsuits. You can see his tweets below:

One of the most well-known sites for mods, Nexus Mods, has issued a statement saying that they do not feel comfortable hosting any Pokemon mods for Palworld at this time. That means that they removed any previously uploaded ones and will continue to remove any Palworld Pokemon mods that appear in the future. Ironically, they have over a hundred Pokemon-related mods right now on their site for other games.

Will There Be Pokemon Mods for Palworld in the Future?

It’s clear that the whole Nintendo vs. Palworld situation is hot right now, and nobody wants to touch it. Maybe after the controversy dies down, some mods will appear here and there on the internet, and Palworld fans can use their favorite Pokemon as their fighters and workers.

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