How to Fix Breeding Bugs in Palworld

Bugs are always annoying.
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One of the most exciting and unique things about Palwrold is its breeding system. You can mix and match various Pals to get either their improved versions or some new Pals that you didn’t even know existed!

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Having said that, I need to acknowledge that there are plenty of bugs still connected to this process. I’ve seen plenty of players complaining about all kinds of misfortunes they’ve had while trying to breed their Pals. Let’s dive in and see how breeding bugs in Palworld can be fixed!

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Palworld Breeding Bugs Resolved

Since there’s no actual way I can be familiar with every issue that has happened to players in Palworld, I’ll reflect on those bugs that I noticed are mentioned most often online, for example, on Reddit or Steam community discussions.

Pals Won’t Breed When Put in the Breeding Farm

Plenty of players experienced this issue of Pals simply not wanting to breed in a different way. A couple of things you can try to fix this are:

Pick up your Pal multiple times and drop them in different parts of the Breeding Pen. Try dropping them at the entrance, near the edge of a fence, near the haystack, etc. When you see the message “Fixed Assignment to Breeding Farm,” you’ve solved it.

Pals Bug Out When Eating and Don’t Breed

When breeding, Pals will eat the cake that you made and left in the chest connected to Breeding Farm. However, sometimes, they can simply start going back and forth between the food and the center of the Breeding Farm where they breed.

When the feeding bug occurs, go inside the Breeding Farm and feed them manually with something you have in your inventory. This should reset them, so to speak, and bring them back on the right track again.

Big Pals Won’t Go Into the Breeding Farm

Picking up a Pal that is huge and trying to drop them in the Breeding Farm can cause bugs of its own where the Pal doesn’t recognize that it is being dropped there. The solution here is to simply attempt it multiple times while trying to drop the big fella in a way where he is facing toward the Breeding Farm.

If Nothing Else Works – Reset!

If something’s not working, just turn the thing off and on again. The good old universal fix works for Palworld as well. If the above fixes aren’t working or you are experiencing bugs and glitches that we haven’t mentioned, try this ancient technique and see what happens. You can’t lose anything by trying!

Some bugs have been actually fixed by players simply rebuilding the Breeding Farm. Others needed a game reset where you need to pick up your breeding Pals, put them back in the Palbox, restart the game, and then try breeding them again.

An additional solution that helps includes teleporting to another area, waiting a minute or two there, and then coming back to your base again. If you notice that your breeding Pals are going to work or perform some other activity in the base, you can try building the Breeding Farm outside the base so there are no nearby distractions.

All fixes that I’ve described have been helpful to someone, but since not everybody gets the same bugs in the game, we can’t have all 100% working fixes. But, hey. Look on the bright side. The bugs are probably the symptom of the Early Release, and I expect most of these to be fixed with updates in the near future.

We hope our article helped you better understand Palworld. Read more about the game in our guides How to Unlock Hip Lantern in Palworld and How to Craft Grizzbolt’s Minigun in Palworld.

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