How to Craft Single Shot Rifle in Palworld?

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Palworld is riddled with all kinds of weapons that you can craft and upgrade to hunt down bigger and bigger prey. One of those attractive weapons is the Single-shot Rifle.

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Many players were confused about how to craft the Single-shot Rifle and were asking around the internet, looking for the solution. Well, here’s the internet replying to this mystery. Keep reading to find out what exactly you need to craft the Single-shot Rifle in Palworld.

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How to Make Single Shot Rifle in Palworld

Crafting the Single-shot Rifle in Palworld isn’t that complicated, but there are a couple of things out there that can throw you off when attempting to make it. To craft the Single-shot Rifle, you’ll need to be level 36, have a Production Assembly Line II, and have 20 Refined Ingots and 5 Polymer on you.

The main issue that I believe caused confusion among many players is that some of them are experiencing what looks like an icon-related bug.

When opening the Production Assembly Line II window, certain players reported that the icon for the Single-shot Rifle is identical to the Musket (its predecessor) icon. The icons in the Technology tree and Production Assembly Line II can be different. So, just to be safe, check out all icons and read the descriptions of weapons in case you’re experiencing this or a similar bug.

How to Get Materials for Single Shot Rifle in Palword

As we described above, the Single-shot Rifle will require 20 Refined Ingots and 5 Polymer.

To get Refined Ingots, you’ll need to craft them in an Improved Furnace using 2 Ore and 2 Coal. Coal can be farmed easily in hot desert biomes in the northern parts of the map. On the other hand, Ore will be best farmed just northeast of Desolate Church’s fast travel point and west of Fort Ruins’ fast travel point. See the map below for details.

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You can get Polymer by reaching level 33 and researching it with Technology points in your Technology menu. Once you have done that, you will need to craft it at Production Assembly Line using 2 High Quality Pal Oil.

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