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Best Mods for Wurm Unlimited

No game is safe from mods!
Fighting Monsters in Wurm Unlimited
Image via Code Club AB

Wurm Unlimited is the standalone successor to Wurm Online, a popular MMORPG where the players are in complete control of their own adventures! Wurm Online was one of the most popular original MMORPG games; Wurm Online walked so that Wurm Unlimited could run. Player influence reigns supreme in Wurm Unlimited, you’re only limited by your own imagination! You’re able to build, craft, hunt, and explore mystical worlds at your leisure in this ultimate sandbox game.

As its name would suggest, there are truly unlimited opportunities awaiting players in Wurm Unlimited. That being said, however, even the biggest, most popular sandbox games can use a mod or two every now and then. If you want to beef up your Wurm Unlimited playthrough, try downloading one of the Wurm Unlimited mods below!

Best Mods for Wurm Unlimited

Location Command Mod

Ship in Wurm Unlimited
Image via Code Club AB

This mod may not be the most exciting or flashy, but it’s definitely one of the most useful mods for Wurm Unlimited on this list. This mod was made by Governor and jschantz420 on NexusMods, it allows you to figure out your exact in-game location in an instant, no matter where you are! If you’ve ever gotten lost during an unplanned (or planned) exploration trip, then you need to download this mod. All you have to do is type /location into the in-game chat, and you’ll get your exact coordinates; you’ll never have to worry about getting lost in this game ever again!

Soul Stealing Mod

Players and Horses in Wurm Unlimited
Image via Code Club AB

This mod is exactly as brutal and awesome as it sounds. The Soul Stealing mod by Sindusk and jschantz420 on NexusMods allows you to steal the soul of any slain creature in the game and use it to feed an Eternal Reservoir. The Eternal Reservoir is a craftable genius device that, once fueled with enough souls, will automatically feed all nearby branded carnivores. This means you’ll no longer have to worry about putting meat under the creatures, and instead just feed the Eternal Reservoir the souls of everything you’ve slain! It’s as cool as it is efficient!

Drake Mounts Mod

Drake Mod in Wurm Unlimited
Image via Code Club AB/Governer/jschantz420

This mod by Governer and jschantz420 on NexusMods does exactly what you think it does! This mod allows breedable, rideable, and tameable Drakes to be enabled in the game, it’s honestly one of the coolest mods ever created for Wurm Unlimited. Not only are you able to literally farm, tame, and ride dragons with this mod, but you’re also able to fully customize them to fit your individual needs! There are very few things in this world that are cooler than the concept of riding and taming dragons, and this mod finally makes it possible in Wurm Unlimited!

Add Mission Items Mod

Fighting in Wurm Unlimited
Image via Code Club AB

This mod isn’t nearly as flashy as the previous mod, but it’s easily one of the most useful, practical mods on this list. This mod was created by the incredibly talented jschantz420 and Governer on NexusMods; it allows players to manually add items to the mission ruler list in the game, including rare rift items and coins! The Add Mission Items mod is honestly one of those mods you never knew you needed until you had it; if you’re a fan of Wurm Unlimited in literally any way, it’s highly recommended that you give this mod a try.

Server Time Command Mod

Night in Wurm Unlimited
Image via Code Club AB

This mod works similarly to the Location Command mod and it’s just as, if not more, useful. The Server Time Command mod by Governer and jschantz420 on NexusMods allows players to get the exact time of the server via a convenient event message. Not only does this mod offer a quick and efficient way to determine what time it is on the server, but it also allows you to completely customize the color of the event message itself! It’s the little details like this that set mods like these above the rest. All you need to do to utilize this mod is simply type /stime or /servertime in the chat, it really doesn’t get any easier than that!

Flower Spawner Mod

Flowers in Wurm Unlimited
Image via Code Club AB

This mod, although purely cosmetic, is easily one of the most unique and creative mods for Wurm Unlimited on this list. This mod by Jonneh and Elvani on NexusMods literally just spawns flowers; it’s a simple concept that honestly doesn’t need to be anything more than what it is. If you’ve ever thought your Wurm Unlimited world needed an extra splash of natural color, then this mod is definitely for you! Who wouldn’t want to create a magical field of flowers wherever they go?? If you love Wurm Unlimited just how it is and wanted to download a mod that wouldn’t affect gameplay, then this mod is the perfect choice for you.

Kingdom Items Mod

Kingdom Items Mod in Wurm Unlimited
Image via Code Club AB/jschantz420

This mod, like the previous mod, really allows players to let their creativity shine through. The Kingdom Items mod was created and uploaded by jschantz420 on NexusMods, and although it doesn’t affect the gameplay in a very significant way, it gives players the chance to obtain wickedly cool items that wouldn’t otherwise be available without it. This mod enables the creation of PMK wagons, flags, and banners that are not normally able to be crafted in the game, and it also adds a brand-new vehicle to the game called the Magic Carpet. There were already endless possibilities in Wurm Unlimited, but with this mod, the possibilities truly are endless in this game!

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Installing mods is a great way to spice up old games that otherwise would have felt stale, but sometimes, it’s more effective to simply branch out into other games if the ones you’re playing start to lose their excitement. If you love playing massive sandbox games like Wurm Unlimited and would love to play more games just like it, check out Gamer Journalist’s guides for Albion Online, Path of Exile, or even Minecraft!

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