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Best Herb Cookie Toppings Build in Cookie Run Kingdom

A lean, green machine.
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Fresh herbs are great for your health, which is why they’re used in all kinds of medicinal cooking. Even desserts, when prepared with the right herbs, can have all kinds of health benefits. That’s probably why Cookie Run: Kingdom’s Herb Cookie is such a pleasant chap to be around; his very presence is good for you! Here’s the best Herb Cookie toppings build in Cookie Run: Kingdom.

Herb Cookie is a rear-priority Healing-type character in Cookie Run: Kingdom. He’s all about support, and he does a dang good job of it. Herb Cookie’s personal skill is Sunny Garden, an AoE heal that supports the entire party, restoring health and removing debuffs. In addition to the primary heal that comes upon the skill’s activation, party members get secondary heals by standing near the various sprouts the skill creates.

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Here are the specifics of Sunny Garden:

  • 17-second base Cooldown
  • Healing: 44.2% of ATK (+0.05% Healing per level)
  • Healing: 9.0% (+0.24~0.25% for each tick of Healing per level) every 1.0 sec over 5 sec when standing near sprouts
  • Purify: all debuff effects

Fresh Herbs are Good for You

cookie run kingdom herb new plant
Image via Devsisters

As a support-focused character, Herb does his best work when he can do it often. Ergo, his best options for toppings are Swift Chocolate and Solid Almond.

Swift Chocolate boosts the cooldown rate on a Cookie’s skills, with a full set of five providing a +5% cooldown bonus. With a full set of Swift Chocolate, Herb’s cooldown is hacked down to mildly ridiculous levels, allowing you to regularly pop his heals and keep your party in peak condition.

As a support, Herb is a bit on the squishy side, so if you’re worried about him getting hurt, Solid Almonds would help. Solid Almonds increase a Cookie’s damage resistance, with a full set of five providing a +5% damage resistance buff. More damage resistance means less damage, and less damage means having to worry less about the state of Herb’s health between skill cooldowns.

Prioritizing the cooldowns is the ideal move here, so dedicate the majority of your topping kit to Swift Chocolate, at least three or four of them. Whatever space is left, you can fill with Solid Almonds to give Herb some extra longevity when he’s not healing everyone.

Herb Cookie is a fantastic healer, keeping your party fighting fit and demanding little in return. Nature’s bounties are here for your benefit!

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