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Best Toppings for Eclair Cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom

This Eclair has flair!
Cookie Run Kingdom Roster
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Cookie Run: Kingdom never falls short of offering players some great battling Cookies within its epic mobile gameplay. There’s always a reason to play Cookie Run: Kingdom, as it’s easy to pick up and includes some seriously fun fighting moments. One of the game’s best support characters is the Eclair Cookie. With high ATK to give and a great kit, he’s one of the strongest Cookies available in the game.

Today, we’re going to talk about the best toppings for the Eclair Cookie based on his abilities and explain which builds are best to use with him. After this, you’ll be able to use him to decimate your enemies entirely! Let’s check it out!


When it comes to his skill, the Eclair Cookie uses what’s called the “Book of History”. As a bookworm, Eclair has gotten himself a brain chock-full of knowledge, and his Book of History skill utilizes that by allowing him to identify his opponents’ weaknesses. He casts a Weakness debuff on the three enemies with the highest ATK and amplifies the amount of damage they receive. Additionally, all of your teammates will get an HP when an enemy is defeated while the Weakness debuff is in use.


When it comes to works best for the Eclair Cookie, there are 2 toppings, and they do so by improving his cooldown and damage. He’s got a great Skill that absolutely has to be utilized as much as possible if you’re using him.

Here they are:

  • Swift Choco
  • Searing Raspberry

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When it comes to builds, there are a couple that’ll work for the Eclair Cookie. The thing to really keep in mind is that because his Skill is extremely powerful, so allowing him to use it as often as possible is key. Now, here are the two builds that we recommend for the Eclair Cookie.

  • Fastest Cooldown Possible -5x Swift Choco Toppings
  • Fast Cooldown with Higher Damage – 3x Swift Choco Toppings + 2x Searing Raspberry Toppings

In addition to his toppings, you could also equip the Squishy Jelly Watch if you wanted to really make the Eclair Cookie’s cooldown even faster. Aside from that, that’s all you need to know when it comes to what the best toppings are for the Eclair Cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom!

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